Solar automatic teller machine

Solar automatic teller machine

Solar energy is increasingly favored by people as a clean energy source. At present, in the South Pacific Solomon Islands, there is a bank that uses solar energy, and residents there have also used the world's first solar automatic teller machine.

Ted Jenkins, an Australian ANZ bank employee, said that there was no traditional power plant on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, an island country adjacent to Australia, so they tried solar energy. The initial use of solar energy to provide energy requires more investment, but now they have reduced the cost.

Solar cells can store excess electricity generated when the weather is fine, ensuring that people have sufficient power in cloudy weather. Now, in addition to the use of solar energy by banks' cash dispensers, the post office ATMs and public phones also use solar energy. Jenkins predicts that in the near future, Lin's solar panels will become a unique landscape on the island.

ANZ Bank also plans to promote this solar project across Australia. Once successful, they will promote the project to the entire Pacific region.

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