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The paint market is full of grief and joy. On the one hand, people’s living standards have improved, and living environment requirements for living have increased. This has led to an increase in the demand for construction, decoration and paint markets. On the other hand, the expansion of market demand has attracted a large number of paint brands. The international giants and local companies competed against each other and smoke filled the air. Some of them even introduced some poor-quality coatings into the market, shoddy and inferior.

Beijing Science and Technology Institute of China National Construction Materials Co., Ltd. takes advantage of science and technology, adheres to the international advanced business philosophy of "science and technology service market, scientific research and development and results transformation go hand in hand", draws on the successful experience of scientific and technological achievements incubator, in line with resource sharing, complementary advantages The principle is based on rich resources for scientific research achievements and provides high-tech achievement support and project support to the society. Sinoma State-built Nano Coatings is a new type of composite paint developed by Sinoma State-owned Market-oriented research. Among them, Dongnuanxialiangliang thermal insulation coating is the new direction of Sinoma State-built nano-coatings. This kind of thermal insulation coating has been widely concerned and praised by people since it was put on the market.

Sinoma State Construction Dongnuanxialiang thermal insulation paint series, there are polystyrene board insulation coating, particle insulation coating, tile adhesive thermal insulation coating, three product varieties complete, stable performance. The biggest characteristic of Sinoma's thermal insulation coating is its extraordinary effect. It can make indoor and outdoor temperatures reach an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius under high temperature conditions. It is the world's first-class energy-saving thermal insulation coating product. It can achieve the effect of thermal insulation and energy saving. It is a high-tech product integrating environmental protection, energy saving, heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof, super elasticity, super adhesion, crack resistance, weather resistance, and pollution resistance.

"The paint market has broad prospects and has huge room for development. Although the competition is fierce, if we think right and insist on the idea of ​​scientific and technological innovation and use technology to improve the competitiveness of our products, we will certainly be able to create more and more. Brilliant." Sinoma State Construction sees the direction of market development and adheres to the principle of supreme science and technology.

Polystyrene thermal insulation coating is the most commonly used external insulation system at home and abroad with the best insulation effect and the most mature technology. The polyphenyl board insulation and heat insulation coating series promoted by Sinoma State Construction Co., Ltd. consists of two types of bonded mortar and screeded mortar, which is simple in production, low in cost and good in comprehensive efficiency.

Particle insulation system has been introduced in Europe 20 years ago, and it is applied later in China. The heat conductivity coefficient of Sinoma’s State-Owned and Imported Improved Particle Thermal Insulation Series Coatings is larger than that of polyphenylene sheets, but due to the wide geographical area in our country, uneven distribution of various climate zones, combined with the simple construction of the product and low cost, Hot and winter areas have obvious advantages. Sinoma State-built particulate thermal insulation series coatings are very popular in the South market, and the market demand is also quite large.

Sinoma State-built ceramic tile adhesive thermal insulation coating is an organic-inorganic composite tile adhesive. It is made of high-quality cement, fine pigments, fillers, special additives and a variety of polymers. It is non-toxic and harmless. Is a green product, especially suitable for thin layer paste construction, is the best choice to replace the traditional cement mortar paste tiles. Especially in construction, compared with traditional ceramic tile, Sinoma State-built ceramic tile adhesive thermal insulation coating is more convenient, clean, and has good water retention, can be applied for a long time, and can be applied in large areas, avoiding the time-consuming and low cost of traditional ceramic tile construction. effect.

The Sinoma State-built nano-coating products are market-oriented. In order to allow residents across the country to enjoy the achievements of science and technology, Sinoma State Construction will conduct technology transfer to the outside world, help with factory visits, guide operations, and ensure profitability. Sinoma's state-of-the-art nano-coatings allow Chinese people to get rid of air-conditioning and replace air-conditioning with environmentally friendly and energy-saving thermal insulation coatings. This will allow rich and poor people to enjoy a constant temperature and comfortable home environment.

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