Do not buy expensive buy only on the purchase of paint is a key

Because of the extreme weather events that are often too hot, too dry or excessively rainy or wet in the summer. Therefore, it has never been considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, as long as summer construction focuses on important issues, quality problems can also be avoided. Here, Life Home Xiao Bian has collected the decoration information suitable for the summer construction for you, hoping to help you to fulfill your love home in this summer!

The brand of paint is dazzling, and the functions of each series are not the same. Although everyone understands that “only the right ones don’t buy expensive products”, they face so many paint brands and choose a paint product that is suitable for both themselves and the economy. It's not easy. In addition to the money-saving paints, there are many tips to save you unnecessary expenses during the use of the paint. Of course, the good finish is the most important prerequisite for saving money.

There are a variety of paints on the market, but if you want to spend the least money to achieve the most satisfying results, the indoor area, paint prices, and quality have to be well planned.

Regular shop is guaranteed

Want to save money in the purchase of paint and peace of mind, first of all should consider the quality of paint, go to the formal large-scale supermarkets, building materials city, store purchase, are all time-saving choices, usually the products and brands in these areas are complete, quality Guaranteed. Must not rush to choose cheap products in order to save money, if you can not guarantee the quality of the paint, brushing the wall and after brushing will appear many problems in the future, if it is rework, it is even more uneconomical.

The most practical and practical

In addition, it is necessary to earnestly purchase paints according to their own needs in order to achieve economic benefits. Imported paints are good, but they are expensive. Their prices are generally 20%-50% higher than domestic paints. Consumers can rest assured that they can buy high quality domestic brands.

Functional paint brands often introduce new features such as scrubbing resistance, mildew resistance, antibacterial properties, and covering small cracks. The price increases accordingly, but these versatile coatings may not be suitable for your house. Pay attention to affordable consumers, do not have to catch up with this trend of fashion, some paint brands launched new products, manufacturers are playing the gimmick, features more, good quality, but not necessarily you can use them. For example, a well-ventilated, sunny house, it is not necessary to buy anti-mold paint.

Accurate calculation is not waste

The purchase goal has been accurate, but it cannot be taken lightly. You have to be aware of the amount of paint you want to buy. Normally, the construction personnel of a regular home improvement company will provide consumers with a specific list based on the painted area. The consumer can purchase the required paint according to the list. If you calculate yourself, under normal circumstances, a house with a room height of 2.5-2.7 meters can use floor area %26times;3.5 to get the total painting area (including ceiling), and divide the total painting area by the product per liter. With the theoretical brushing rate, the amount of paint that needs to be used can be calculated.

Of course, you can also directly figure out the number of barrels purchased, such as a brand of 5 in 1 paint, 5 liters of wall paint, you can brush 50 square meters twice, if the total brushing area of ​​200 square meters, then buy four barrels of 5 liters With wall paint and a bucket of 10 litres of primer. In addition, it is also possible to consult the merchant about the number of painting passes and area of ​​painting, the amount of calculation, and the cost per square meter of material. Do not be deceived by the price per barrel. Paints with low unit prices tend to consume a lot of water.

Master strokes

Case 1 No plan to waste

Li Fan Bank staff

At home, I would like to decorate and paint each room with different colors. In addition to buying white paint, I bought a bucket of paint for each color of paint. As a result, I brushed the wall and found that many colored paints had Most of the time I stayed in the bucket and I couldn't go to the supermarket for a return. Paint was wasted most of the time.

Designer Comments: light-colored paint cost effective, standing paint and prevent future trouble

Dong Zhixiong Designer

The general coating is divided into two types: water-based paint and latex paint. It is better to use latex paint on the wall, because latex paint has strong adhesion on the wall surface, the decorative effect of brushing is good and many raw materials can be saved.

When choosing paints for color selection, it is wasteful to choose paints with dark colors, and it is more economical to choose paints with light colors. Because the deep-colored paint easily appears stains during the painting process, in order to achieve perfect color harmony, the wall had to brush a few times more paint, and thus wasted a lot of paint.

If you want to paint different rooms with different colors, you can go to the market to buy the amount of paint you need to paint, which is more economical.

Paint can be bought more, but it can't be bought less. In general, 5 liters of paint can basically meet the painting area of ​​30 square meters, but one can not forget a loss, so the purchase of more than 2 to 3 liters is more appropriate. No matter how good the quality of the new paint is, after brushing the wall, the wall will occasionally appear some small cracks within a certain period of time. This is a normal phenomenon, so leave some of the paint (cover seals can be covered) to provide future repairs jobs. Otherwise, it will be more troublesome to buy paint colors.

Case 2

The price is not a determining factor of quality

Sun Xian Book Planner

Everyone said that Duofang Water-based paint is very good and very environmentally friendly. For the sake of family's health, I went to buy a wall for the house and found out how to brush it three or four times. Of course, once the price is paid for, the wall of my family has not been exposed to problems such as cracks and yellowing for three years. However, when I sit at someone’s home, I find that the effect of Nippon Paint used by people’s walls is not worse than ours. It also saves more money than my home paint.

Designer Comments: Use Paint to Save Primer Money

Long Xia Designer

If you pay attention to the beautiful appearance of the wall, it is inseparable from a good brand of paint, compared to the general brand of brush wall area, can brush a large area and can guarantee a good decorative effect, from another point of view or to save money. I suggest that you go to a regular store to buy a good brand of paint. However, if you want to be more affordable and do not affect the decorative effect, you can use a good brand of paint on the wall, because these paints do not need to use primer anymore, saving the money for the primer. The top of the house can not buy too good paint. In addition, the use of putty in the primary treatment of the wall is less expensive than the use of wall lining.

Experience says brush money is not allowed

Lin Xiaoyong 47-year-old renovated house: Berlin Philharmonic Community

There are many brands of paint on the market, many names, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I personally believe that no matter how the paint is, the brush must be bought. This money can not be saved. The quality of the brush has an effect on the quality of the wall effect. I suggest to buy paint as better than the three selected brushes, a good brush to brush the wall will not waste a good paint.

It's economical to color your own

Huang Wenjuan 26-year-old decoration house: Tsui Ping North Lee Community

My home decoration did not please the decoration company, are their own hands and brain design. Colored walls are our own tuneable colors. Bulk colored paints and white paints are bought from the market. After we go home, we mix the white paint and other color pastes together. The cost is also much cheaper than the current computer color palette.

When coloring, we must look at the product manual. In addition, I feel that paint and wooden floors, tiles, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, lamps and other supplies are best purchased in the same building materials city, which can save transportation costs and other expenses.

In addition, I think that when coloring the wall, it is necessary to put a layer of cloth in front of the putty, and then do the work of brushing the wall. Do not be afraid of troubles. The brushed wall is smooth and smooth, and no cracks appear in the future.

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