Analysis of Screw Fracture in Press Gearbox

The press is mainly used for the production of the light car spoke cutting process. The quality of the equipment directly affects the smooth completion of the production tasks in the workshop. The gear box fixing screw of this equipment is easy to break, and the shaking is serious during the working process, which has great safety hazard; the front and rear end cover fixing screws of the clutch main shaft are also easily broken, which causes the front end helical gear to easily hit and hurt, and the rear end The front and rear movement of the cage interferes with the friction disc, which not only has safety hazards, but also has a high failure rate, which greatly increases the labor intensity of the maintenance worker; the closed height is easy to change during the work process to crush the mold and parts; this equipment has great safety. Hidden dangers, hidden troubles and design defects must be modified.

From the force analysis of the two transmission gears in the gearbox, it can be seen that the left-handed small helical gear is the driving wheel, which rotates counterclockwise, and the right-handed large helical gear is the driven wheel, which rotates clockwise, and the pinion has an oblique upward force on the large gear. From the principle of force and reaction force, the large gear has a diagonal downward force on the pinion. The force can be divided into horizontal to left component and vertical downward force. The greater the load (punching force). The greater the horizontal component, and because the pinion and the clutch shaft are coupled together by a flat key, the clutch spindle is coupled to the gearbox by screws with two tapered ball bearings and a flange.

Therefore, the horizontal component force causes the gearbox fixing screw to be horizontally to the left shearing force. The larger the load (punching force), the larger the component force, and the greater the shearing force of the gearbox fixing screw, eventually leading to the screw. Broken, the gearbox swayed.

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