Development of the first ultra-small flow urea plant CO2 compressor in China

Xi'an Jiaotong University Saier Machine Pump Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on the technical advantages of Xi'an Jiaotong University Fluid Machinery and Compressor National Engineering Research Center, respectively, in 2013 and 2014 (one set of Phase I and Phase II) to achieve domestic super in Qinghai Salt Lake The first application of centrifugal CO2 compressors on a small flow rate of 330,000 tons/year urea and 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia/year equipment. According to the user's starting steps, the first-stage engineering unit completed the 72-hour continuous operation assessment in December 2013, and completed the full-load assessment in April 2014. The second-stage engineering unit completed the 72-hour continuous operation assessment in early July 2014 and completed the full-load assessment on July 25. This is the first complete set of CO2 compressors for urea plants with complete independent intellectual property rights in China, which marks a solid step for the compressor group designed and manufactured by Jiaoda Saier Company to enter the chemical industry.

Carbon dioxide centrifugal compressors are a key component of large urea production plants. Before the 1990s, it relied heavily on imported products, mostly using full-centrifugal compressors produced by GE New Billund or relying on its technology. As early as the 1980s, the team led by Professor Xi Shangjin and Professor Xi Guang of Xi'an Jiaotong University began to develop and manufacture carbon dioxide compressors. After years of painstaking research and development and testing, Jiaoda Saier successfully manufactured a wide-capacity energy-saving carbon dioxide compressor (21500Nm3/h) for Sinopec Anqing Branch in 2003 and successfully put it into operation. Then in 2006 and 2007, respectively, through the international bidding, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a design and manufacturing contract for two sets of carbon dioxide compressor units in Phase I and Phase II projects. This is also the first package design of Jiaodai Saier. The CO2 unit (including the design and manufacture of the main engine, the design and supply of the drive turbine, auxiliary system and control system).

The design and manufacture of the urea plant carbon dioxide compressor unit is a very challenging technical problem in the field of centrifugal compressors. Due to its large molecular weight, high inlet-to-pressure ratio, low flow rate, and excellent working fluid, it is easy to form supersonic speed in the flow channel. The flow, b2/D2 (the relative width of the impeller outlet) is very small, and the design and manufacture are much more difficult than the conventional centrifugal compressor. A slight carelessness may make the performance of the designed compressor not meet the requirements. The design of the two sets of carbon dioxide compressors in Qinghai Salt Lake is only 17605 Nm3/h~17821 Nm3/h. Under such a small flow rate, the outlet pressure is guaranteed to be 14MPa or more, and the unit can run smoothly, even high and low cylinder anti-asthmatic. The vibration valve can be fully closed. At present, there is no such product in China. There are not many manufacturers of carbon dioxide centrifugal compressors that can design and manufacture such small flow and export pressure of 14MPa or more, and the domestic market has long been used by foreign companies. leading.

With the technical support of most disciplines in Xi'an, the company has developed a series of ternary impeller model stages with different flow coefficients for real gas experiments, which are constantly explored and summarized. With a large amount of design and test data, it has the ability to design and manufacture CO2 compressors. For this reason, Jiaoda Saier formed a three-pronged position with two well-known foreign companies, and finally won the bid for its technical advantages, high energy-saving level, low manufacturing cost and the performance of the industrial application of CO2 compressor in Anqing Petrochemical Urea Plant.

To this end, Jiaoda Saier has set up a technical research team, with Professor Wang Shangjin and Professor Xi Guang as the team leader, presided over technical research on aerodynamic design, model-level experiments, manufacturing processes and quality control, and completed according to the planned progress. The design and manufacture of new machines.

The gas dynamics design of the compressor rotor of this product adopts the high-efficiency and energy-saving “fully controllable vortex” ternary impeller design and processing technology invented by Professor Wang Shangjin. The aerodynamic performance is obviously ahead of the domestic similar products, and reaches the current level of first-class centrifugal compression in foreign countries. In particular, the high-pressure cylinder impeller processing adopts the five-coordinate linkage CNC machining center introduced by the United States for overall milling to ensure the precise forming of the ternary flow blade; the welding and heat treatment technology of the impeller wheel cover adopts the vacuum brazing heat treatment furnace of American Sike Walker Company. Carrying out vacuum brazing with gold as the base material, with the advantages of small thermal deformation and high welding quality, ensuring reliable quality of the entire impeller product.

In April 2011, the CO2 compressor unit of the 330,000 tons/year urea plant completed the air test; in October 2012, the full-load CO2 gas test was carried out; in 2013, the urea production line was officially put into trial operation. In April 2014, the urea plant reached a design value of 1,000 tons per day. At this point, Jiaoda Saier relied on the National Engineering Research Center for Fluid Machinery and Compressor to realize the first application of the centrifugal compressor on the domestic ultra-small flow urea plant (330,000/year tons of urea 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia), further broadening the centrifugal compressor. The scope of application in this field.

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