During the overhaul process, some of the vibrating hammer splint fixing bolts have been replaced.

The influence of the yaw and oscillating hammer and the centering of the rapping center #3 The electric pulsating hammer of the electric precipitator is not good, and the electric field of the oscillating hammer is modified after the mass of the original vibrating hammer is reduced. The location becomes smaller, and most of the damage of the slamming hammer is broken at this place, and the rapping cannot be performed, and the ash accumulation at the pole line is severe, causing the corona to be closed. We have already replaced it during the overhaul. Part of the vibrating hammer splint fixing bolt is loose, the pin shaft is easy to break, causing the vibrating part to not vibrate, and the vibrating hammer will cause the air locker to jam after being detached. During the minor repair and body maintenance process of this year, thousands of vibrating hammers were inspected and processed one by one. A total of 500 vibrating hammers were loosened, the splint bolts were loose, and the pin shaft was broken. Due to the poor installation quality and the wear of the vibrating bar fixing bolt gasket, the center of the rapping hammer is deflected from the center of the vibrating anvil and the oscillating rod, and the ash deposition of the pole plate affects the dust removal efficiency. The center deflection of the vibrating anvil and the oscillating rod is gradually corrected during the overhaul process.

The influence of the anode plate is more off the plate clamp between the anode plate and the anode plate, and the installation is difficult. The spacing between the plates of the plates also partially falls off, the plates are oscillating to the left and right, the pole spacing is in a fluctuating state, and the secondary voltage is unstable, which affects the dust removal efficiency. The fixing bolt gasket between the anode plate and the rapping rod is seriously worn, the vibrating rod sinks, rubs against the base or even jams, the vibration acceleration is insufficient, and the electrode plate and the pole line are not easy to vibrate, which affects the dust collection. The impact on dust removal efficiency is also serious. There are also some vibrating rods with poor installation quality. The electric field is short-circuited during operation, and the second time is zero. The whole electric field is in a paralyzed state, which greatly affects the overall efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator. During the maintenance process of this year, each plate row was inspected, and more than 500 decoupling rods and more than one card were processed, and more than 100 anode plate spacing clips and plate clamps were replaced.

The information of professional knotted prairie cattle Field fence


Galvanized iron wire, High tensile steel wire 

Inner wire diameter


Edge wire diameter 


Surface treatment 

Electro galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized


0.8m,1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m,1.7m, 2.0m, 2.3m,2.6m




Used for borders in field and grassland for breeding of sheep, cattle,etc


Corrosion resistance, high tensile strength wire,firm structure,etc


Packed by plastic film, in carton box, in wooden pallet, in bulk.

Filed Fence


hot-dipped galvanized wire, which is made of Q235 iron rod.

2.Anti-corrosion form:
 hot-dipped galvanized and electric galvanized.

Field Fence is a kind of mesh used in cattle, goat, deer, and pig. It is used for grassland, pastures, 
protection of ecological projects, protecting grassland, forestry, highway, and environments

Field fence

Field Fence,Field Fencing,High Tensile Fence,Farm Fence

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