Buy a paint to protect your health and safety

Paint is the most decorative material that emits formaldehyde. Many friends now choose environmentally friendly paints. Is environmentally friendly paint really environmentally friendly? Our understanding of paint is not enough. There are still many misunderstandings. The following small series lists five common mistakes we have in daily life.

Misunderstanding 1, heavy price and neglect quality

When many people buy wall paint, it is easy to get into the price and ignore the misunderstanding of quality. Some think that the higher the price of the paint, the better, so when looking for the most expensive to buy, but the experimental results show that this is not the case. Another extreme consumer is to save money. The lower the price, the better, so the money is saved a lot, but the quality of the wall and the indoor environment will be worrying. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to the quality of wall paints when considering the price, and generally choose a reputable big brand.

Misunderstanding 2, heavy packaging and neglecting inner

Consumers always look at its packaging when buying latex paint, which is very necessary. However, it should be noted that the packaging of good-looking coatings is not necessarily inherently of superior quality. In order to attract customers, some manufacturers make great articles on the packaging of products, deliberately exaggerating the performance of products. Therefore, consumers are advised to pay attention to other aspects in addition to product packaging, such as viewing detailed inspection reports of products.

Misunderstanding 3, the color card and the wall color are exactly the same

Many consumers think that the color of the paint on the color card is exactly the same as the color on the wall. This is a misunderstanding. Because of the reflection of light, etc., after the walls of the room are painted, the color of the wall looks darker than the color card. The color that the consumer sees on the color card usually differs from the actual color after the paint is applied to the wall. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose the color number that they prefer to be slightly lighter when selecting colors in the color card. If you like dark wall, you can match the color of the selected color card.

Misunderstanding 4, do not estimate the amount of paint in advance

Many consumers do not estimate the amount of paint in advance, fearing that they will buy less paint, and always buy more when they buy. This may result in waste of materials, increase the cost of home improvement, and stacking too much paint has a certain impact on construction safety. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers must look at the area of ​​the construction area before construction to estimate the amount of materials purchased. A simpler way to estimate the amount of paint used is to apply the amount of paint required (L) = (wall area x 2.5) / paint area per liter of paint.

Misunderstanding 5, odorless is environmentally friendly

Many people judge the safety of wall paint by smelling it, and think that low-odor or odor-free wall paint is environmentally friendly. This is a big mistake. Because odorless can be achieved by adding flavor or using low-odor materials, odorless coatings are not all environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The most professional way to judge the environmental protection of wall paint is to see if its environmental indicators meet the standards. There are three key environmental indicators for wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde, and heavy metals.

Conclusion: After reading the above article, do you feel that there are some misunderstandings in the purchase of paint? I hope to be helpful to you, choose a relatively environmentally friendly paint.

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