Plastic film industry must increase technical input

Experts predict that the demand for plastic film in the domestic market will continue to grow at a rate of 9% in the next few years. The market prospect of plastic film in China is very broad. About 2/3 of the consumption of plastic film in China is used as packaging materials, agricultural plastic film accounts for about 30%, and the rest is used as electrical materials, photosensitive materials and electronic information materials.

China is the country with the largest production and use of agricultural plastic film. At present, China has a production capacity of biaxially oriented polypropylene film of about 900,000 tons/year. 75% of the biaxially oriented film produced is ordinary light film, the smoke film only accounts for 10%, the pearl film accounts for about 7%, and the electrical film accounts for 3 %, other films account for about 5%.

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there are three kinds of brace post.first,top with plastic cup and galvanized hook.second,the top with plastic span piece end and collar and inox scerw.third,the top is flattened.

  • strongly galvanized
  • the technologies we use ensure at least double the corrosion resistance on iron and galvanized materials (salt fog testing in a chamber)
  • this is the highest level of surface treatment and painting in China

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