Steel enterprises diversified industrial coupling

Steel enterprises diversified industrial coupling

The strategy of diversification is an inevitable choice for the development and expansion of an enterprise. It is an important path for enterprises to change their structure and achieve sustainable development. At present, the diversified development of large-scale enterprises in China is in the bud or initial stage, and they tend to pay more attention to the "hard" strength of the scale-up in the industry, while ignoring the "soft" strength of diversified industries promoting and integrating each other.

In fact, the imbalance between “soft” and “hard” power has directly led to the problems of low correlation among relevant industries, serious industry barriers, and isolation of the industrial chain. The vitality of innovation and development of enterprises has been imprisoned, and the pace of transformation and upgrading has also It has become stagnant, and many companies have even fallen into a vicious circle of “larger and bigger scales, and no declining core competitiveness”.

Where is the key to cracking the circle? Recently, our reporter discovered during an interview in the northwestern region that some large enterprises represented by Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. are trying to find out through the attempt to couple the development of diversified industries. A new path that promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promotes the sustainable development of enterprises.

Industrial coupling: nurturing new growth points

Literally, "coupling" is not hard to understand. As a basic concept of physics, it refers to a phenomenon in which two or more systems or movements interact with each other through various interactions.

However, economists prefer to use “coupling” to describe phenomena in the economic field. It is hoped that through research and analysis on the principle of coupling, the best combination of interactions between two or more industries will be found to allow them to interact with each other. Promote, support each other and coordinate development.

Since the beginning of the new century, with the increasingly prominent constraints on resources and the environment, the traditional linear economic development model has become increasingly difficult to sustain, especially for some resource-based industries such as metallurgy, energy, and chemical industries. The market growth space is getting smaller and smaller. The prospects for industrial development are worrying.

“In this case, the transition to a diversified, low-carbon, and efficient coupled development model has become a necessity. This is also one of the important paths for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.” Feng Jie, Chairman of Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. This experience is profound. "Coupled development not only effectively disperses market risks, but also fosters new growth points for corporate development."

Feng Jie told the “Economic Daily” reporter that as one of the largest iron and steel conglomerates in the northwestern region of China and one of the backbone pillar enterprises in Gansu Province, the Jiuquan Group began exploration of the coupled development of diversified industries a few years ago in an attempt to cross-industry industrial chains. The vertical and horizontal coupling mechanism is the focal point, aiming at improving the level of industrial development, resource utilization efficiency, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and building a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, sustainable and highly productive coupled high-efficient coupled industrial system.

The exploration of the industrial coupled development of the Jiuquan Group is representative. China's northwestern region is rich in resources, not only rich in iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, coal resources, but also wind energy, solar energy and other clean energy resources, but also occupies a geographical advantage of large energy channels, "West coal east transport", "West Gas "Eastern Transparency" and "West-East Electricity Transmission" have become strategic actions and important tasks to reconcile the contradiction between energy supply and demand and ensure economic operation. At the same time, the industrial development of the northwest region bears a high cost of the ecological environment. Because it is at the low end of the industrial chain, it restricts the industrialization of the region to some extent.

The coupling development between industries can effectively resolve these contradictions. With the help of industrial coupling, it is possible to maximize the utilization efficiency of related multi-industrial resources, promote the optimization of the flow of resource elements, and then combine technology integration with industry-based coupling innovations to help build a new low-carbon, highly-efficient, and green resource element for recycling. Industrial system.

“In the framework of industry coupling development, the conversion rate of resources on the ground has been greatly increased. In the past, pure energy output was transformed into energy output and production of high-capacity, high-value-added industrial products. This is a solution to the problem of resource enrichment and economic backwardness. 'Curse', narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in the eastern and western regions, and achieving regional coordination and sustainable development are of great significance, said Wei Zhibin, general manager of the Jiuquan Group.

Intertwined Cycles: Building a New Industry Chain

Jiugang Group, founded in 1958, is the fourth steel industry base planned and constructed by New China after Angang, Wuhan Iron and Steel and Baotou Steel. For a long time, Jiugang Group has always been mainly engaged in iron and steel industry. At present, it has formed an annual production capacity of 12 million tons of carbon steel and 1.2 million tons of stainless steel. Its product quality and equipment level have reached the world's advanced level.

However, with the intensified competition in the industry and the overcapacity in the domestic market, the structural risks caused by the large number of single industries in the Jiu Steel Group continue to accumulate. After full investigation, the decision-making layer of Jiuquan Steel Group has identified the dominant ideology of accelerating transformation and diversified development. Through in-depth study of the technological orientation and development conditions of the steel industry, featured metallurgical industry, and energy industry, the concept of integrated planning for the development of associated technologies has been established. , proceeded to promote the coupled development of industries such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, electric power, and coal chemical industry.

As we all know, electrolytic aluminum is a large consumer of electricity in high-energy-consuming industries. The cost of electricity accounts for more than 40% of the production cost of electrolytic aluminum. There is a saying that “the price of electricity is set to die”. According to calculations, it takes 14,000 kWh to produce 1 ton of electrolyzed aluminum, which makes many electrolytic aluminum companies have to consider the local price level.

The site of the Jiuquan Group has abundant and inexpensive wind power and photovoltaic resources, and many resources are wasted because they cannot be absorbed. In May 2012, Jiuquan Steel reorganized and reorganized Gansu Dongxing Aluminum Co., Ltd. and carried out technological upgrading in accordance with the requirements for the integration of new energy and traditional industries. At present, Dongxing Aluminum Group ranks first in the domestic aluminum industry with a production capacity of 1.7 million tons. The major economic and technical indicators such as single aluminum anode carbon block consumption and aluminum ingot comprehensive AC power consumption have reached the domestic advanced level.

The new coal chemical industry is another proud achievement of the Jiu Steel Group. Relying on the key technology of low-grade coal low-temperature dry distillation and quality utilization, the obtained by-product blue carbon can supply iron and steel, ferroalloy and electric power production. The surplus gas generated can replace the high-quality coke oven gas in the iron and steel plant. The hydrogen production gas can be used as colored light metal. Industrial metal magnesium smelting and furnace heating in the building materials industry, while magnesium metal can be used to produce steel and high value-added magnesium aluminum alloys, and solid wastes between iron and steel, ferroalloys, and building materials industries are recycled, waste heat generated by steel, Residual pressure, residual energy, etc. are also available for electricity production. Under the effect of the cyclical interweaving of several major industrial chains, a multi-faceted, low-carbon, high-efficiency industrial coupling development path is clearly visible.

“Coupled development has restructured the industrial chain, which has fundamentally changed the passive situation in which single coal and coal chemical companies’ surplus gas, the “day light”, and blue carbon use are single, resulting in high energy consumption and high costs. It can also realize iron and steel, nonferrous metals, and The optimization of the production costs of electricity and other related industries will exert the multiplier effect of the diversified industries and form a benign cyclical coupled industrial system that promotes each other and supports each other,” said Feng Jie.

Mechanism Construction: Forming New Competitiveness

According to the preliminary calculation of Jiu Steel Group, through the implementation of coupled development of low carbon and high efficiency in multiple industries, the industrial output value can be increased by about 50%, and the energy consumption per unit of added value can be reduced by more than 30%. The practice of the Jiu Steel Group shows that the development of industrial coupling has not only accelerated the pace of corporate transformation and upgrading, but also made beneficial attempts in promoting regional economic development.

Taking coal as an example, the northwestern region has abundant reserves of coal resources. For example, the proven reserve of coal resources in Hami, Xinjiang reaches 200 billion tons and the long-term reserves are about 570 billion tons, of which the largest reserves are low-rank coal.

"This kind of low-rank coal has characteristics such as low ash, low *, high volatile matter, high oil and low comprehensive utilization efficiency. If it is directly used as power coal to generate electricity, it will waste resources and have flammable and explosive defects." Jie told the “Economic Daily” reporter that according to the characteristics of resources, the advanced low-level coal conversion technology can be efficiently coupled with related diversified industries such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, and energy, which can effectively expand the use of coal resources and enrich the by-products such as blue carbon and gas. Use ways to achieve efficient transformation and utilization of low-quality resources.

From the point of view of multi-industry coupling development of industry, it has a good technical economy and realizes the maximization of resource utilization. From the perspective of regional markets, products formed by industrial coupling also have competitive advantages in terms of costs and channels.

The high-performance steel, magnesium-aluminum alloy, and chemical products produced by the Jiu Steel Group not only based on the domestic market, but also set the market demand for overseas Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and even Middle East countries.

“Our company-owned railways can bring back high-quality resources such as iron ore and alumina from foreign lands and other places to provide guarantees for upgrading the scale and level of development of diversified industries.” Feng Jie stated that the development of industrial coupling should be based on silk. The Road Economy brings mutual benefit sharing between the two markets and the two resources. While undertaking the transfer of eastern coastal industries, it also builds a golden section of the Silk Road Economic Belt with diverse industries, abundant products, and a high level of development. West opening demonstration and leading role.

However, as the only forest is not a forest, the practice of coupled development of the Jiuquan Group is still at an exploratory stage. The relevant national authorities should strengthen overall coordination and study and formulate adaptations to local economic and social development, adaptation to environmental carrying capacity, and adaptation to scientific and technological progress. Industry coupled development mechanism, and given a certain degree of policy tilt and financial and taxation financial support, etc., through the pilot in advance, to guide and promote the industrial coupling to expand to a deeper, broader field.

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