Approaching Taiwan's machine tool cognitive features

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In the field of machine tool processing, two methods are generally used for machining, namely heavy-duty heavy cutting and light-load light cutting (ie high-speed cutting). However, which processing method is used depends on the adaptability of the machine tool and the adaptability of the tool. In today's processing field, heavy equipment is selected for machining forged steel parts and heavy parts; while processing non-ferrous metals, structural parts, etc., light equipment is selected to perform high-speed light cutting of workpieces. This is also in line with what we call the characteristics of cattle and horses, that is, the cattle and cattle carts are slow and heavy, and the horse-drawn carriages are light and fast. The machine tool equipment produced in Taiwan is basically the latter, and the processing method of light load and light cutting can be preferred.

It should be fairly good to assess the quality of the equipment itself from Taiwan. Its equipment failure rate is relatively low, after-sales service is relatively good, and the price is competitive. Throughout the current level of manufacturing equipment, precision quality, technical services, turnkey projects, etc., we believe that the overall evaluation is divided into four levels: the first level is represented by Europe and the United States, the second level is represented by Japan, and the third The level is represented by South Korea and Taiwan, and the fourth level is mainland China. It is precisely because of the quality and quality of Taiwanese machine tools that designers and production staff adhere to the European concept of precision manufacturing and precise assembly in machine tool manufacturing, and the functional components are the technical support for machine tool manufacturing in the region. There is such a performance.

We know that no matter the machine tools manufactured at the first level, the new equipment will definitely encounter faults and shutdowns at the beginning of operation. However, the user hopes that the faults will occur, some people will solve them, and the downtime will be as short as possible, so that the equipment can be played at the user's site. Its maximum performance, this view is always in the customers who want to buy new machine tools and users who are using machine tools. In particular, some private enterprises and users who do not have equipment maintenance power are more concerned and concerned. There is an unwritten curve in the equipment management, the shape is like the inverted bath plate, called the inverted bath curve.

Figure 1 shows the design rationality, ease of operation, accuracy retention, and durability of the comprehensive test equipment. The specific frequency of the new machine tool is high and high, but the cycle is short, the normal work and operation cycle are long, and the machine tool has zero. The visible wear of components and the slow decline of aging are the most ideal operating curves.

Figure 1 equipment bounce curve

The curve we want is the blue line instead of the red line, because the frequency of equipment failure of the red line is high and the normal running period of the top is short, the visible wear period of the equipment drops rapidly; and the blue curve represents the normal phenomenon of the equipment, that is, the frequency of equipment failure. Low, the normal operation period is long, the tangible wear and tear rate of the equipment is relatively long, and the C p value of the equipment's production capacity accuracy index is correspondingly high. This is in line with the original intention of the machine design life cycle.

It is composed of 3 levels. The upper level and the lower level are Woven Geotextile and non woven textile.  The middle level is bentonite grains,  which are carefully selected from Liu Fangzi crude and filled in between the two levels after special processing.  


Product characters: 

1.  Environment friendly 
GCL is made of natural raw materials of sodium-bentonite. It is raw and natural materials,;aging and corrosion seldom happen. It can keep its quality and then it does not cause any injuries and pollution for human and the environment. It is not only waterproof, but also has good ventilation performance. It can stick up for the exchange of the ecological environment. It is a pure natural, new, green waterproof material. 

2.  Permanent waterproof, excellent performance 

Natural sodium bentonite was formed billions of years ago.  

Its waterproof properties are much more durable than that of the buildings. Sodium bentonite would transform to high density septum under hydro pressure. When The thickness is 3mm, the permeability is below a×10-11/sec(a=1~9),  which equals to the density of 100 times of the clay with 30 mm thickness. Water retention performance is evident.  

3. Easy to construct 

Bentonite powder, nails and washers are enough for connection and fixation. Construction is not constrained by weather conditions and it could be taken under cold or wet conditions. Bentonite powder is spread on overlap point. When water comes, GCL would be overlapped automatically. It is so far the only material that starts the waterproof effect by water in the world. It is not necessary to take additional examination when the construction is completed. The repair works are easy in case of waterproof defects. Among the existing waterproof materials, GCL`s construction period is the shortest and its operation is the easiest.  It has an eminent effect on shortening the construction period as well as saving the cost.  

4. Strong Self-Restore Capacity 

The integration between waterproof material and its target enables GCL a 20~28 times swelling volume. Even if concrete structure trembles or subsides, the bentonite in GCL would restore the crack of 2mm or below on the concrete structure immediately. Even if the diameter of perforation reaches 30 mm, the restoration will be finished within 15 days completely. 

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

Geosynthetic Clay Liner Gcl, 3D Levels Gcl, Sodium Bentonite Gcl

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