Introduction to baking varnish

Painted board is a kind of woodworking material. It is based on MDF, and the surface is polished six to nine times (different manufacturers have different times, the higher the number of times, the higher the process requirements, the higher the cost), the primer, drying, polishing (three bottoms) , two sides, one light) baked at high temperature. Currently mainly used for cabinets, doors and so on. At present, there are the latest engraving paint boards, Newcastle home paint boards and so on.

Our Safety Lockout Kit simplifies the lockout of larger machines. After the equipment to be worked on has been isolated the energy source, the lockout keys are placed inside the multiple Lockout Kit and then padlocked by the controlling person. Each person then working applies their own unique palock to the lockout kit. Only when all unique padlocks have been removed.

Safety Lockout Kit

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