Rational use to maximize the effectiveness of the machine

(1) Reasonable use of correct selection Figure 2 shows the CNC vertical machining center produced by Taiwan Yongjin Machinery. This equipment is used to process the large and small holes of the connecting rods of the diesel engine parts of our diesel locomotive. The original King Kong double-head boring machine equipment is not suitable for the process requirements, because the process requirements for processing the hole are high. Therefore, the main castings of the machine tool are required to use high-quality Meehanite cast iron, and the structural stability component is reliable. The quality of the machine depends on the material of the casting itself. For the requirements of the hole, Yongjin has worked hard on the spindle. SKF precision angle ball bearing can achieve high speed of 6 000r/min, which is suitable for high-precision light and heavy cutting. The main shaft is made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel. After heat treatment and precision grinding, the roundness is within 0.002mm, the concentricity is within 0.003mm, the inner hole yaw is measured within 300mm with 300mm test bar; and the spindle is also equipped with constant temperature control. The peripheral design has a circulating cooling oil circuit to ensure that the entire head of the main shaft, bearings and gears reaches the "constant temperature" optimum state, maintaining the best precision of the machine. After using this equipment, the bottleneck of the connecting rod production line is basically broken. Figure 3 shows the products processed on site.

Our factory has selected other Taiwanese machine tools for the actual conditions and process requirements of the products. Like the Youji (oil machine) CNC vertical car, its workbench has a numerical control indexing function, which greatly expands the scope of processing. Its indexing mechanism is different from that of Europe. It adopts a separate transmission system, that is, the turning and milling system functions separately. The power of the two transmission motors can be relatively small. However, for machine tools that require large power and high torque for machining workpieces, vibration will inevitably occur. Unlike European equipment, when the two motors are working at the same time, the power is large and the torque is large. Another motor is used as a function of the anti-backlash mechanism. Figure 4 shows the machine shape.

Figure 5 shows the product processed by the device. Figure 6 shows the thread of this type of machine that is turned into the inner hole of the workpiece. Taiwan Youji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. currently has a large-scale production and assembly base in Kunshan Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, producing different types of machine tools such as CNC vertical car and CNC gantry machining center. The most widely used machine tool in China's Taiwanese machine system is Qiaofu's CNC lathe ST-130C. The huge bed of the machine is made of high-quality cast iron, cast in one piece, and the inclined bed saddle is inclined at 60°. Mehana high-grade cast iron. The castings are subjected to relaxation and tempering to eliminate internal stress. The sliding surfaces of the hard rails are heat treated to a hardness of (58±3) HRC, and then subjected to high-precision surface grinding treatment. The hardening depth after grinding is about 1 mm. The sliding surfaces of the slides All have Teflon veneers, and the main scraper plate ensures smooth and long-lasting guide rails. The hard-rail structure design of the large span ensures that the turret slide and the tailstock slide have no drape effect during the full stroke movement, ensuring the accuracy of the machine. The scientific structure makes it highly stable, high rigidity and precision. It is mainly used to machine axles for rolling stock. The situation after the user's use reflects well, mainly in terms of value for money.

(2) Longmen machining center needs to be innovated Qiaofu's CNC fixed beam gantry mobile machining center is also used in the railway system. It is mainly used for the three holes of the diesel engine body, that is, the precision repair of the spindle hole, camshaft hole and cylinder hole after wear (see Figure 7).

However, it is still far from the European and American machine tools for processing the diesel engine body. No matter the accuracy of the machine tool, the reliability and reliability of the machine tool, there are still gaps, especially in the design and configuration of the accessory milling head. . The concept of design and the level of production are incomparable. Figure 8 shows one of four accessory milling heads.

In normal use, the phenomenon that the accessory milling head suddenly stops running occurs, and the problem of analysis and inspection appears on the accessory milling head drive chain.

It is worth mentioning that it is Taiwan's Youjia. In recent years, the company has strengthened its team through mergers and acquisitions and established a production base in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province, expanding its production scale and increasing its production varieties. In particular, the CNC vertical machining center has won the market in the scope of CNC vertical machining center with its stable quality, moderate price and good service. It has also won praises from users.

At the junction of Wuxi and Changzhou in Jiangsu Province, the metal processing industry has formed a scale, and all kinds of private enterprises have relatively complete equipment. These enterprises benefited from the disintegration of the former Soviet Union in the initial stage, and acquired a large number of major old equipment at a lower price. After the repair and transformation, the use of these equipments opened up the market for external processing of incoming materials, and through the spirit of clever intelligence and ants and bones, through the efforts to dig into the first barrel of gold. However, these equipments are all ordinary equipment that has been eliminated, and the technical content is low. These private enterprises have introduced a large number of CNC gantry machining centers like Taiwan's Song Ying, Yawei, Qiaofu, Xiehong, etc., to eliminate old equipment and update CNC equipment. Thereby improving the technical content of processing, moving towards the ranks of high-end processing, creating a hardware foundation and better serving the railway, shipbuilding, wind power, nuclear power, mining machinery and other fields. To this end, many large domestic machine tool manufacturers have also put down their shelves to visit, learn their experience in machine tool transformation, why the transformation will use the Taiwan Longmen CNC machining center and the requirements for domestic machine tool use.

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