Epoxy resin type classification

According to the molecular structure, epoxy resins can be broadly classified into five categories:

Glycidyl ether epoxy resin

2. Glycidyl ester epoxy resin

3. Glycidylamine epoxy resin

4. Linear aliphatic epoxy resin

5. Alicyclic epoxy resin

The main raw material of hot rolled strip coil is Continuous casting slab, it will be made into steel coil by roughing mill group and finishing mill group after Heating.

hot rolled coil

Coil can be divided into straight and finishing volume (volume, smooth volume and slitting roll).
According to its material, performance can be divided into: ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel.
According to their different purposes can be divided into: cold forming steel, structural steel, automotive structural steel, corrosion resistant structural steel, mechanical structural steel, welded cylinders and pressure vessel steel, pipeline steel, etc.

Hot Rolled Coil

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