Pure benzene and styrene prices rise

Pure benzene and styrene prices rise According to reports, in the last week of November 2012, among the 168 chemical products tracked, the prices of 35 products rose last week, 81 products were flat, and prices of 52 products fell. Among them, the prices of pure benzene and styrene rose.

The top five price increase products were: East China ** rose 66.7%, Korean benzene (FOB) rose 4.5%, Korean styrene (FOB) rose 4.3%, East China styrene (CFR) rose 4%, Southeast Asia EDC (CFR) The price of the top five products decreased by 3.7%; the acrylic acid fell by 16.9%, butadiene butadiene in Shanghai Petrochemical fell by 9.2%, NYMEX natural gas (**) fell by 8.7%, zirconia fell by 8.0%, and Southeast Asian butadiene (CFR) fell. 5.6%.

Changes in product spreads: Of the 21 product spreads that we tracked, there were three products with spreads spread last week, and the spreads of 13 products narrowed. Last week, the spread of butadiene rubber increased by 700 yuan, the spread of styrene butadiene rubber increased by 438 yuan, the spread of spandex increased by 86 yuan; the spread of TDI tons decreased by 570 yuan, the spread of tons of acrylic staple fiber dropped by 400 yuan, and the difference between tons of acrylic tops With a decrease of 400 yuan, the spread of tons of propylene oxide dropped by 266 yuan.

Major Industry News News Fertilizer Off-season Export Tariffs Downgraded by the Ministry of Land and Resources, priority was given to the four major oil companies, namely PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and Yanchang Oilfields. The four major companies have gained the initiative in the exploration and exploitation of shale gas within the block, and they can develop their own or find others to jointly develop the shale gas market. According to the Economic Observer, half a month ago, the news that the fertilizer export tariff policy might be adjusted in 2013 was circulated in the industry. There are two major changes in the market's arguments. First, the export tariff for fertilizer off-season will be reduced from 7% to 2%; Second, the export season for fertilizer off-season will expand from 4 months to 5 months. The reporter learned from various interviews that the export tariff policy for fertilizers should be adjusted next year. As for the downward adjustment, the Ministry of Finance proposed that the export tariff for fertilizer off-season should be reduced from 7% to 5%, only two points. Not only that, the new Tariff (2013 Tariff Implementation Plan) document to be released this month includes not only the tariff changes of fertilizers but also the additions and adjustments of import and export tariffs for steel, nonferrous metals and some agricultural products (000061).

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