Liquid wallpaper notes

Liquid wallpaper paints must be added with various liquid auxiliary additives, should pay attention to:

1, transport and storage antifreeze

The liquid wallpaper paint contains about 20-50% water, and in the powder coating, this part of the water is added when it is used in the field. That is to say, this part of the water does not need to be transported or stored. In addition, aqueous coatings tend to freeze when transported and stored at temperatures below 0 °C.

2, anti-corrosion and mildew

In liquid wallpaper lacquers, there are both water and bacterial foods, which are easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, a preservative is added.

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Glass:Silicate glass                                                                                                                                                            

Sealing: EPFM, Viton

Sight Glass

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