Radiant heating four components

The radiant heating design process cushion mainly includes: floor heating special coil, composite insulation board, reflective layer: aluminum mooring, combined sub-catchment, thermoelectric valve and liquid crystal temperature controller, and the structure of the floor heating section.

1 floor heating coil

PEX (high-density cross-linked polyethylene pipe 6 pipe)

Performance: Temperature resistance < 100 degrees Celsius, smooth inner wall, small water resistance, not suitable for scaling, design life of more than 50 years.

Function: The warm water circulates in the tube, heats the surface layer, and radiates heat to the room.

2 composite insulation layer

Composition: Polystyrene (EPS) insulation board (thickness: 20MM, capacity: 25KG/m3)

The role of polystyrene board: insulation, heat insulation, moisture, sound insulation, load bearing (2T / m2)

3 Reflective layer: aluminum mooring

Aluminum mooring effect: The insulation layer is moisture-proof, waterproof and enhances the insulation performance of the insulation layer. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity, it can effectively disperse the heat transferred by the warm water in the tube, so that the heat can walk evenly on the whole plane, reduce the influence of local high temperature aging in the lower part of the pipeline, and improve the service life of the entire floor heating structure layer.

4 combined water collector

Composition: Diverted water main pipe (selected for precision extrusion of brass, no rust, smooth inner and outer walls), automatic exhaust valve, pressurized ö discharge valve.

Function: The branch pipe is supplied with water. He is assigned to each loop, and the exhaust valve can remove the gas inside the pipe. The built-in regulating valve can adjust the water flow of each loop to achieve the purpose of controlling the heating temperature.


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