Bedroom cabinet matching method

Bedroom decoration and matching, wardrobe is the top priority. So how do you fit the wardrobe and the bedroom together perfectly? Let's take a look at the bedroom cabinet matching guide together with Go Jiaju . I hope that you can find the matching method and make the perfect decoration.


Color matching of wardrobe and bedroom

Color harmony is a very important part of interior design, because color is a key to attracting vision. Coordinating tones can make people feel comfortable. If the color is very messy, it will cause disgust. As one of the most important furniture in the bedroom, the color of the wardrobe must be coordinated with the main color of the bedroom. If the bedroom is a red tone, the color of the locker should be single and low-key, and the dark brown color is a good choice. If the bedroom is a luxurious French court style, then the locker should also choose the color of the atmosphere, such as purple. If the bedroom is simple and white, then the wardrobe can be customized with a little bit of color, such as customizing a more colorful door, and adding a colorful door to increase the bedroom's agility.


Wardrobe and bedroom size

In addition to the color of the locker to match the overall style of the bedroom, the size of the cabinet needs to be paid attention to. Remember to place a large wardrobe in a small bedroom, and it is not suitable to place a small cabinet in a large bedroom. Which of the above will destroy the design of the bedroom. Generally speaking, the size of the appropriate wardrobe is that the length of the cabinet should be based on the length of the bed. The height of the cabinet in the large bedroom is slightly lower than the ceiling, and the high cabinet can reduce the empty feeling of the large bedroom. The height of the small bedroom is lower than the bedroom window, and the high cabinet makes the small bedroom crowded. It is better to choose a small locker.

The above is the knowledge about the bedroom cabinets that Xiaobian has compiled for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our home.

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