What disasters will the typhoon bring?

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China is one of the countries most affected by the typhoon . Nearly 50% of tropical cyclones in the Pacific Northwest affect China. Typhoon disasters were mainly caused before and after the typhoon landed. Typhoon-induced direct disasters usually result from three aspects:

One is the gale.

The typhoon wind speed is mostly above 17 meters / second, even above 60 meters / second. It is estimated that when the wind reaches level 12 , the wind pressure per square meter perpendicular to the wind direction plane can reach 230 kg . Therefore, the typhoon gale and the waves it causes can throw tons of large wheels into the mid-air to break off , and can also push the wheels intoland; hurricane-class winds can damage or destroy buildings, bridges, and vehicles on the land. Especially in areas where buildings have not been reinforced, the damage is even greater. The wind can also blow debris into the air, making the outdoor environment very dangerous.

The second is heavy rain.

A typhoon, rain day center can be lowered 100 mm -300 mm, even 500 mm -800 mm of heavy rainfall. The floods caused by typhoon storms are fierce and destructive. They are the most dangerous disasters.

The third is the storm surge.

When the typhoon moved to land, due to the strong winds and low pressure of the typhoon, the seawater accumulated strongly toward the coast, and the tide level rose rapidly. The waves pushed down the coast like a sea. Strong typhoon storm surge along the coast make the water level rise 5 m -6 meters. If the storm surge meets the high tide of the astronomical tide, it can produce high-frequency tidal levels, causing flooding, overflowing seawalls, destroying houses and various types of construction facilities, flooding towns and farmland, and causing heavy casualties and property losses.

Many natural disasters, especially high disasters such as typhoons, have caused damage to the harmonious conditions of human existence and have often induced a series of other disasters. These secondary disasters and derivative disasters are often easily overlooked by people and cause heavy casualties and property losses.

Typhoon secondary disasters include landslides and mudslides caused by heavy rain. In addition, houses, bridges, and mountains were washed and soaked by floods for a long period of time in the typhoon. Even if no collapse occurred at that time, after the typhoon and flood water receded, it was prone to house and bridge collapse due to the above reasons, and it also caused heightened vigilance. .

China is a country where typhoon-induced geological disasters are relatively serious. Geological disasters such as landslides and debris flows caused by typhoon-induced rains are frequent, and they are most likely to cause casualties. For example, in the past few years, Typhoon Yunna caused a major debris flow geological disaster in Yueqing city. Typhoon “Dragon King” rainstorm triggered a mountain torrential disaster, and the debris flow caused by typhoon “Morakot” affected Taiwan Island inundated an entire village. In some large and medium-sized cities, the heavy rain and seawater intrusion caused by the typhoon may cause secondary disasters such as internal paralysis in cities, causing traffic jams and subway outages, affecting the normal operation of the city and causing casualties.

Typhoons may also cause ecological damage and epidemic diseases. For example, storm surges caused by typhoons will cause coastal erosion, seawater intrusion will cause land salinization and other disasters; typhoon-induced mudslides will destroy forest vegetation; typhoons will often lead to epidemics after floods, etc. . Typhoons can even cause pests and diseases in crops. In 2005 , following the impact of Typhoon Maisha and Kanu, the northwesterly winds and precipitation around the typhoon were conducive to large-scale migration of brown planthoppers to Shanghai, causing the Shencheng field. The amount of brown planthoppers soared.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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