Hengxin Huadian Furniture introduces you to the semi-circular sofa

Hengxin Huadian Furniture News News We often have semi-circular sofas on the market, which is very modern and very suitable for modern and personalized people. Of course, in order to meet the needs of the public, the size of the semi-circular sofa can be customized, but this size also has a certain regularity. Let's introduce it to you by Hengxin Huadian Xiaobian.


Semicircular sofa size - introduction

The semi-circular sofa is a style of the sofa, which can be customized according to the needs of consumers, but the size of the finished products of many semi-circular sofas on the market has a certain regularity. Moreover, there are many factors affecting the size of the semi-circular sofa. Among them, the species is one of the more important factors.

Semicircular sofa size - design based

The size of the semi-circular sofa is designed according to the scale of the human body. Because the sofa is mainly used for people to sit, not for viewing, so people sitting on the sofa, legs and feet bending or how uncomfortable, it must be the size The problem, the size of the semi-circular sofa must be designed according to the scientific scale. And different kinds of sofas, there will be different sizes, giving us a different feeling.


Semicircular sofa size - single

The single-semi-circular sofa can often be seen in the coffee shop. It is very fashionable and beautiful. If you match the decoration design environment, you can create a romantic atmosphere. Therefore, the size of a single-type semi-circular sofa is certainly smaller than that of other types of sofas. The length is generally 74 cm; the height is 90 cm; the depth of the sitting surface is 55 cm.

Semicircular sofa size - double

Introduced the single-person, certainly double-semi-circular sofa, which is mostly used in the family, because of the personality, can make your home life very rich, and many consumers are chosen according to their own preferences. Therefore, the size of the double semicircular sofa is about 190cm in length; the height is about 100cm; the depth of the sitting surface is 90cm.

Semicircular sofa size - deck sofa

In addition to single and double semi-circular sofas, there are also semi-circular deck sofas, which are generally used in public places such as restaurants, hotels, KTV, etc., with a modern urban rhythm, very stylish and beautiful, of course, this card seat sofa The size varies greatly and is ideal for large rooms in KTV. Can accommodate many people. Or it is designed as a double seat, and the coffee shop is used more. So I want to buy a semi-circular sofa, it is recommended to go to the market to see.

About the size of the semi-circular sofa, Xiaobian is here, I hope to help you, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Hengxin Huadian furniture

Source: Hengxin Huadian Furniture

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