[Real-time] Announcement on Implementing Safety Signs Management for 3 Kinds of Products including Mechanical Hazard Protection Gloves

About 3 types of products such as mechanical hazard protection gloves

Implementation of safety sign management announcement

In order to further implement the "Standards for the Management of Employment Protection Products of the Employer" (Safety Supervision Office No. 124 (2015)) to meet the needs of customers and better serve the country's safe production, the Safety Center plans to provide hand protection products. Include special labor protection safety signs management. After nearly a year of hard work, all the work is now ready. It is decided that from now on, applications for safety signs for hand protection equipment (temporary mechanical gloves, live working gloves, and acid and alkali gloves) will be accepted.

Special announcement.

Special Labor Protection Articles Safety Signs Management Center

December 2, 2016

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Longitudinal feed stroke of internal grinding frame (Z axis)
End grinding beam horizontal reciprocating stroke (W axis)
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8m / min
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30 ~ 100r / min
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Internal Cylindrical Grinding

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