Misha furniture: the new taste of the dining table, life always starts from the meal

Misha Furniture Newsletter Some people say that a dining table is a model that you can dress up, slightly groomed, and the second becomes a fairy. In different styles of space, it appears in different poses. As an important member of the furniture decoration, how would you choose the dining table? Here are some references from Mixia Furniture .


Type characteristics

There are many types of dining tables in the market, so here I recommend several popular styles. Modern minimalist,
Simple and useful, exquisite personality is its essence; rich European style, with exquisite decoration, strong color, unique style to achieve high-end atmosphere decoration effect; simple American style, absolutely simple and comfortable small fresh; Nordic style, its Simplicity has been pushed to the extreme, close to nature, quiet and confusing people... each has its own beauty.

how to choose

When choosing a dining table, you must first understand the place where it is placed, the size of the place, and so on. Whether it's in the living room, study or restaurant, it's just right. If the housing area is large enough, you can choose a high-end atmosphere like the European style and the American style. This rich and heavy dining table matches the entire large space to achieve a graceful visual effect. On the contrary, if the housing space is small and the number of people is not large, it is recommended that you choose the more popular style in the current market - the retractable dining table. This type saves space, the character can be arbitrarily converted, and it is also very convenient to pack.



Don't just think of the dining table as a tool for eating. From another angle, it is also a beautiful scenery for the whole family! Want to play the ever-changing big show? Try another tablecloth. The bright and bright tablecloths are cheerful and lively, not dull, the deep and dull tablecloths are quiet and calm, and the simple and simple tablecloths show a traditional style... Satisfied? Let's try adding a light fixture, it will definitely create A charming and harmonious atmosphere. The romantic two-person world starts here!

Shape matching

For example, in the small world of the two-person world, choosing a more lively shape seems to be free and warm. It is more appropriate to choose a large rectangular dining table for family gatherings. A small gathering between friends can consider the folding table is more flexible. There are also various types to choose from, and the shape of the dining table is also very important for the whole family atmosphere. The homes of different patterns choose the corresponding shape table, which definitely brings out the unique effect!

The above is some information about the dining table. For more information about furniture, please pay attention to the Misha furniture.

Source: Mixia Furniture

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