Which device should Gigabit Big Data use for wireless transmission?

Gigabit data is relatively rare in a wireless transmission system, and it is usually sufficient to use 300 Mbits of equipment for ordinary data. However, some customers may concentrate on dozens or hundreds of cameras. The data volume is relatively large. The 100-megabit devices cannot meet the transmission requirements. Gigabit big data wireless devices are required.

Gigabit big data devices have an industry-leading 10.6bps/Hz spectral efficiency, and the actual data throughput of line rate packet processing is as high as 1Gbps. 5.8G frequency, point-to-point transmission, high receiving sensitivity, microwave equipment support 802.11n and MIMO technology. The device has strong anti-noise performance, GPS synchronization function, and low transmission delay. Antennas use directional antennas with high sensitivity and long transmission distances.

As a large data transmission device host with a directional antenna, we only need to install VS-5868 directional antenna on both ends of the antenna to connect the host, which consists of a LAN at both ends. The transparent protocol transmission can complete the big data transmission bandwidth. The device has a distance of 1-100+km. The antenna will have different configurations depending on the distance. Of course, we do not recommend adopting Gigabit bandwidth devices for common common 100M devices.

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   It has strong corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful appearance, and high anti-collision strength, which meets the standards of the Ministry of Communications.  , In line with GB / T31429.1-2015 "Anti-corrosion Conditions of Expressway Traffic Engineering Components" standard.  Requirements of "Waveform Steel Guardrail Part 1: Double Waveform Beam Steel Guardrail"


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