Boy cut safety rope event analysis

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This article analyzes a case for everyone, that is, the boy cuts the safety rope. Last year, the media reported that a 10-year-old boy had a too much influence on the outside because of the sound of the outside construction, and he used the knife to use the safety rope under the window builder. Shearing, causing it to hang in the air, the incident caused a lot of netizens' hot discussion, taking other people's lives in exchange for quiet practice is thought-provoking.
Boy cut safety rope event analysis
The 10-year-old boy broke the constructor’s safety rope because he was too noisy
The builder said that he was drilling holes with the rig and suddenly felt the rope below shaking, and he saw a little boy cutting the safety rope with a knife. He immediately stopped drinking, but the child still didn't listen. He had cut the rope and had to ask the workers for help. After the fire officers and soldiers arrived, Xiao Liu was successfully rescued. Then, the reporter and the police came to the 8th floor. At home, after the inquiry, the child was 10 years old. In the fifth grade this year, the parents were doing business outside, and the child was alone at home. The child was watching "Xi Yang Yang" in the room, and the sound of the outside rig was too noisy. The child cut the rope with a knife. The police called the child's father, Mr. Tang, and asked him to come back to solve the matter. Mr. Tang made a sincere apology to Xiao Liu and compensated a new safety rope.
Taking someone else's life for quiet and controversy
1. Read the fifth grade!! It’s so drunk that the doll is not sensible. It’s so funny to apologize to accompany the new rope. The workers have gone off the gate of the ghost gate. I deliberately pushed you into the river waiting for you. When you are dying, pull you up, give you a clean dress and apologize. Can I be forgiven?
2, can sue 11-year-old children for intentional homicide, because underage, so exempt or reduce criminal penalties, with the civil litigation part can support. Teaching bear children, parents also have the responsibility, less nonsense, lose money to lose money!!! Ordinary workers also have wives, children, fathers and mothers, people almost died?!
3. I am still a big boy who is less than twenty. Without such a hard standard, all children are sensible at the age of ten, can they tell the pros and cons of the situation? The problem of not being used to it is that he has no ability to distinguish the seriousness of the matter and what is wrong with it. He only knew that he was arguing about watching TV. I didn't protect him. When I saw him, I would give him two slaps to relieve the anger.
4. Mr. Tang apologized to Xiao Liu and compensated for a new safety rope. So, because there is no such thing as a dead person, can it be a big thing? It is because you don’t know how to prevent it from happening, it will lead to such accidents happening frequently! Is it safe to deceive a safety rope?
5. When the safety rope is cut, the workers are still stopped. The bear child has not listened. Is this naked naked intentional murder? The motivation is that others feel that he is affecting him to watch the Pleasant Goat. The method is to cut the rope and the weapon is a knife. Finally, I have a rope with the rope. I want to say, is it that I will only use a set of clothes that are ruined in the future?
6, adults sometimes emotional will kill, not to mention a 10-year-old doll, even adults will feel that the noise is noisy, not to mention the people, the little dolls are like their own sensible,
7. If you don't work during the rest time, people who understand things can understand. Who hasn't renovated? Is it their turn to be at home? Others are noise pollution? Traffic noise is louder. Why didn't you see the angry car? The 10-year-old child is not worthy of forgiveness. It is purely private. When the bad guy is a child! The 5-year-old child is hung up by the rope. He knows that the rope is cut and he will die, not to mention that he is 10 years old.
8. I read the comments. Most of them think that this child lacks education. This is true, but after experiencing this kind of thing, it is estimated that children also need social tolerance.
9, this is simply not a naughty cute bear child. When you are 8 years old, you should know how to measure the consequences of cutting off the safety rope. See life as light as a feather.
10, 10 years old, almost three years old, who does not know when he is in the third grade will die, and the children know that the rope is broken and there is no sound when the person falls, not because it is too old to be as excessive. There are excuses for things. This kind of child is so degrading, it is a demon. It is impossible to use the title of bear child!
11, sure that the violent animations such as bald heads are much more, and the bear children of friends are chasing me with a toy saw every day. I can't catch up with me and I will cut his grandfather.
12, at the beginning of the person, the sex is evil. I have always believed in this view. Maybe the world of children is simple, but it is also selfish and self-sufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to go to school, and it requires the teaching of parents. The education is not good. Just like this child, selfishness and viciousness.
13. This child is likely to have an antisocial personality. Parents should take their children to see a psychiatrist. If you indulge your child's development, it may become a hidden danger to the society.
14, noise can be more important than life, people are a pillar. In case there is an anecdote, there is no more. Really standing and talking without backache. Ten years old. Still small? Take someone else's life for your own quiet!
15. I feel that we should change the law on juvenile protection. We must not condone these bear children. We have to give them some lessons. Now many bear children know the pros and cons, that is, they can’t do anything illegal by their own age. They can be given a lighter punishment, but they can be punished for guardianship.

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