How should chlorine dioxide generator be maintained in daily life?

How should the chlorine dioxide generator be properly maintained in the daily routine? How should the chlorine dioxide generator be maintained in the daily routine:
1. Before the first operation, sufficient water must be added to the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to operate empty.
2. The temperature control water tank of the equipment should be replenished frequently to prevent damage to the heater. The controller is equipped with a protection device. When the water level of the water tank is lower than the set value, the fault light on the control cabinet is bright, and the water should be replenished immediately.
3. If the power water source suddenly stops water, the metering valve should be closed immediately.
4. The metering pump stops feeding. The ejector should be operated for more than one hour to fully evacuate the chlorine dioxide gas in the reactor to prevent gas from overflowing from the inlet pipe.
5, in the case of raw materials containing impurities, easy to block should pay attention to clean up and clear.
6. Chlorine dioxide has strong oxidizing properties. The soft plastic tube of the equipment is easy to age and the seal is not strict. It should be checked and replaced regularly.
7. Regularly clean the sediment in the reactor. If the liquid level of the reaction liquid level tube shows that it exceeds the normal limit, it means that the sediment is too much and should be washed immediately. Also check the quality of the raw materials.
8. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid. Operators should wear protective gloves. The raw material NaCLO2 is forbidden to be stored with various acid products and away from fire. Http:// Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

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