Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp failure analysis

When the fluorescent lamp is in normal emergency, the emergency light does not work. 1. The battery is undercharged (such as shelving for too long)

2. Damage to the battery pack 3, wiring 1, recharging 2, replacement of the battery pack 3, check the wiring to turn off the normal lighting, and the emergency lamp lighting switch is set on the emergency controller incoming line, and the wiring diagram is reconnected.

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps can be divided into two types of split-end fluorescent lamps and self-ballasted fluorescent lamps.

The split fluorescent lamp is separated from the electronic ballast. Since the electronic ballast is a separate electrical box, a relatively precise circuit can be designed and more circuit monitoring and protection components can be assembled, so the service life can be as long as 3 years. The above; also because the lamp is a consumable, life is often much shorter than the ballast, so when the lamp is damaged only need to replace the lamp, you can continue to use, is the green light source that does not waste resources.

What is the nominal voltage rating for explosion-proof fluorescent lamps? When the grid voltage fluctuates, what is the allowable fluctuation range? What is the problem with low voltage? What's the problem with high voltage? What is the nominal voltage abroad (by region and country)?

China's energy-saving lamps operating voltage is 220V/50Hz.

When the grid voltage fluctuates, the allowable fluctuation range is ±10%.

Low voltage will make the start of the lamp difficult, and it will burn when it is serious.

When the voltage is too high, the power of the lamp rises, the operating temperature of the lamp rises, and the device is damaged due to overheating in severe cases.

Foreign nominal voltage: 100V/50HZ/60Hz

Why can't you use fluorescent lamps in the presence of chemically corrosive gases or liquids?

The use of chemically corrosive gases and liquids can cause serious oxidation of the lamp cap, guide wire, and components. The lamp life cannot be guaranteed.

Why can't a single switch control the number of lights? Why can't multiple switches close at the same time? How to control? How to choose the best parameter for control?

A single switch controls a large number of lights. When the lights are turned on and off, they can have a very large impact on the switch, causing tripping in severe cases. In addition, the impact of switching too many lamps together may damage the fluorescent lamp.

It is recommended that each switch be controlled at about 300W (taking into account the power factor, there will be 3 amps per switch operating current and 12 amps at the moment of closing), such as 2 140W fluorescent lamps and 3 105W fluorescent lamps... .

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