May 18 liquefied gas prices fell

May 18 liquefied gas prices fell

On May 18, the price of liquefied petroleum gas for civilian use in Guangzhou Petrochemical was lowered by RMB 100/tonne to RMB 3,860/tonne. The price of civil gas for Shijiazhuang Refinery was lowered by RMB 100/tonne to RMB 5,150/tonne.

Li Wenjing, an analyst of liquefied gas, believes that as domestic temperatures increase, domestic civilian liquefied gas gradually enters the off-season demand. In the short term, the demand for civilian liquefied gas will continue to weaken, and the international crude oil price deposits may be reduced, making it difficult to effectively support the liquefied gas market. At the same time, it is expected that the market for liquefied gas in the market will continue to be dominated by weak volatility, and prices may continue to decline.

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