Piston pump test

Piston pump in the long-term work, due to vibration and so on, many components in particular the need for testing. The purpose of doing so is to avoid hidden dangers and endanger the occurrence of piston pump event. So what is the specific process of testing the plunger pump? Piston pump test 1, before the pump to be installed on the surface of the bolt dust and dirt to clean up, remove the bolt should be in the bolt and the pump casing to do an associated marker connection, the removal of the bolt can not be a Once the root bolt is disassembled and then removed, the disassembly bolt damages the pump casing and the bolt. The correct method is: all the bolts on the pump shell diagonal screwed 30 °, then another round of demolition of 30 °. Until all the bolts on the pump housing are loosened, the bolts can be removed from the pump housing. 2, the variable frame arc inspection method is: After the variable frame was cleaned, convex and concave stack of friction between the two superposition, hand over the top of the around the blue, with a pen tube to blow hard blow hole A, if the pair Friction pair did not meet the required accuracy of the fit, there will be smoke from the arc between the release, also proved its low precision, can not be fitted to the pump. Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter pump variable bodies can use this method to check. 3, with the arc surface plate and the cylinder with the detection of the surface: the plate installed on the arc slide, a person with the palm of your hand on the pressure plate with a pressure plate on the surface of the reservoir, the purpose is not to allow air from the oil channel Leak in the hole. Another person puffs his mouth into the high-pressure mouth, and if there is any leakage of smoke from one of the distribution plates, it is the point of failure. This test method in an arc test three, is the variable slide left, center, right three. If there is any leakage of these three places, then prove that the plate and variable arc with good. The use of each device, you need to focus on the focus and content are very much, but these are very important, the user if you can not ensure the normal operation of equipment, not only may affect the efficiency of work, but also may greatly affect the service life of equipment . For the plunger pump, its use of strength is increasing, its maintenance and testing work has gradually been the user's attention. Precisely because of these concerns, in order to protect the use of piston pump, I believe the time spent in the detection of the plunger pump will not be a waste of effort.

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