Correct use of glyphosate

1. How to improve the herbicidal effect of glyphosate
Glyphosate is an organophosphorus system for the control of herbicides. The liquid is transferred to the rhizome of the grassland to achieve the desired herbicidal effect. This requires weeds to have more leaves, which are mixed before use. The grass leaf area is small, the photosynthesis is not strong, and the root nutrient is transmitted upwards. At this time, the amount of the medicine liquid input into the root is small, and the grass killing effect is not good. In the middle and late stages of weed growth, photosynthesis is strong, and photosynthetic products are transmitted from top to bottom. At this time, the herbicidal effect is best. Therefore, the most important one for using glyphosate is to select the optimal medication time. It is best to use the medicine in the most vigorous period of weed growth and before flowering. Generally, the annual weeds are 15-20 cm, and the perennial weeds are used at a height of about 30 cm. The herbicidal effect is best. Regardless of the growth period of weeds, blind weeding and weeding do not receive the desired results after the weeds age. In addition, the type of weed must be considered when determining the concentration of the drug. Generally, grass weeds are sensitive to glyphosate and can be killed by low-dose liquid, while the concentration is increased when controlling broad-leaved weeds. For some malignant weeds that are propagated by roots, higher concentrations are required. Weeds are older, the drug resistance is improved, and the corresponding dose is also increased. For example, when weeding orchard weeds, annual grass weeds can be used with 10% glyphosate 500-700 ml water 30-40 kg, one year old. Broadleaf weeds should be increased to 750-1000 ml, and the amount of perennial malignant weeds should be increased to 1250-1500 ml. However, when the drug is overdose, the plant conduction tissue is quickly killed, and the drug solution is absorbed and the drug effect is lowered. Therefore, in order to use drugs economically, the young grass should be killed at a lower concentration, and then 10 days later, the corresponding concentration should be used to spray the weeds. Secondly, it is about the problem of mixing glyphosate with other herbicides. Some farmers want to remove a variety of grasses. In order to save labor and time, when adding glyphosate, any other herbicide is added, but the result is not good. Because some herbicides can not be mixed with glyphosate, such as gram, paraquat and other quick-acting herbicides (to avoid premature death on the grass, loss of glyphosate systemic conduction function, reduce grass The killing effect of phosphine on underground grass stems), but adding 0.1% washing powder or adding diesel oil to glyphosate can increase the permeability and adhesion of the liquid and improve the efficacy.

2, pay attention to the safety of crops when using glyphosate
Glyphosate is a herbicide that, if not used properly, poses a safety hazard to farmers. When farmers use glyphosate for weeding, often because there is no protective cover on the nozzle, glyphosate floats with the wind, causing phytotoxicity to the crop. Some farmers did not clean the machine after use. As a result, when spraying other pesticides, the residual glyphosate agent was sprayed with other crops to cause phytotoxicity, causing losses to the farmers.
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