Living room wall clock Feng Shui

Perhaps everyone pays more attention to the feng shui of the overall layout of the room, but ignores the feng shui problem of some small decorations. If the living room wall clock is placed unreasonably, it will affect the style of the whole home, and there may be unlucky signs. So it is very important to understand the taboo feng shui and the living room wall clock taboo.

The living room wall clock is taboo: the living room wall clock should not be inward, and it is better to face the door or balcony. Because when the room is unoccupied, the gas is still, the swing of the wall clock can make the air agitation and make the room full of vitality. But the wall clock can't be hung in the middle of the hall opposite the door. Because of the homonym of "clock" and "final", if someone pushes the door in, he will see the clock (final) when he looks up. It may be associated with unlucky, and the side of the door is juggling. In addition, you should also note that the clock should not be placed in any bell-like and gossip-like things, otherwise it will have a suppressive effect on the homeowner. This is not superstition, but everyone should pay attention to it.

What is the stress of the wall clock Feng Shui? Here is a brief introduction to the wall clock feng shui:

1. The wall clock should be placed or hung in the house's Suzaku side (ie, the south), because the Suzaku side is the front, and the front is the mover. The color of the clock should be red, purple, and orange. The shape is often octagonal for Geely, because this position is fire.

2. It is not advisable to hang the clock above the sofa. Otherwise, people who often sit here are prone to restlessness.

3, the left side of the living room should be placed with a wall clock, the right side is not suitable.

4, the bedside or the end of the bed should not be placed with a wall clock, other locations will not constitute an adverse effect.

5, the wall above the desk should not be placed on the wall clock, other locations will not constitute an adverse impact.

Modern Feng Shui believes that the swinging and screaming of the wall clock can boost and refresh the air energy in the home. The rhythmic ticking of the clock will bring more regularity and rhythm to the family life. Therefore, the wall clock in the living room and the room is a must, and the wall clock with the pendulum is better. As long as everyone pays special attention to the wall clock feng shui, the living room wall clock is taboo, there is no adverse impact, the orientation is set, it will bring good luck to the family, it is also a beautiful thing.

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