Screw air compressor working principle

1, inhalation process:

The screw-type intake side suction port must be designed so that the compression chamber can fully inhale, while the screw compressor does not have intake and exhaust valve groups, and the intake air only depends on the opening and closing adjustment of a regulating valve. When the rotor rotates, the space between the teeth of the main and auxiliary rotors turns to the opening of the inlet end wall, and the space is the largest. At this time, the tooth space of the rotor communicates with the free air of the air inlet, because the air of the tooth groove is exhausted. When the exhaust gas is completely exhausted and the exhaust gas is exhausted, the tooth groove is in a vacuum state. When it is turned into the air intake port, outside air is sucked in and flows into the tooth grooves of the main and sub-rotors in the axial direction. When the air fills the entire tooth groove, the intake side end face of the rotor turns away from the air inlet of the housing, and the air between the tooth grooves is closed. The above is [intake process].

2. Closed and conveying process:

When the two rotors of the main and auxiliary rotors are at the end of inhalation, the tooth peaks of the main and auxiliary rotors will be closed with the casing. At this moment, the air is no longer outflowing in the tooth gaps, that is, the [closed process]. The two rotors continue to rotate, their tooth peaks coincide with the tooth grooves at the suction end, and the matching surface gradually moves toward the discharge end, which is the [delivery process].

3, compression and injection process:

In the transport process, the meshing surface gradually moves toward the exhaust end, that is, the tooth groove between the meshing surface and the exhaust port gradually decreases, the gas in the tooth groove is gradually compressed, and the pressure is increased, which is the [compression process]. At the same time, the lubricant is also injected into the compression chamber due to the pressure difference and mixed with the chamber air.

4, the exhaust process:

When the meshing end face of the rotor is turned to communicate with the exhaust of the casing, (at this time, the pressure of the compressed gas is the highest), the compressed gas starts to discharge until the meshing face of the tooth peak and the tooth groove moves to the exhaust end face, and the two rotors The tooth space of the engagement surface and the housing exhaust port is zero, that is, the exhaust process is completed. At the same time, the length of the tooth groove between the mesh surface of the rotor and the intake port of the housing is the longest, and the suction process is performed. Again.

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