Grid companies are facing a shift from traditional extensive to fine

In addition to supporting energy structure adjustments, smart grids are also important infrastructures supporting energy efficiency improvement, while demand-side energy-saving services are a key technology approach; broad-based energy-saving services are a huge market, and according to a consistent forecast market size exceeds trillions, the government passed Economic incentives such as taxation and policy subsidies encourage companies to implement energy-saving services through innovative business model EMC.

At present, power grid companies are facing changes in their development methods, shifting from traditional extensive to elaborate, increasing revenue and reducing expenditures, innovating profit growth points and increasing asset returns. The past ten years have been a golden decade for China's power grid companies to achieve extraordinary development. The tentacles of the power grid have penetrated into all corners of the society. The lack of power to restrict production has become a history, and the yield of traditional power grids has been raised. The traditional extensive type needs urgent refinement. Change; power grid companies should continue to increase revenue and reduce expenditures to break through the bottleneck of traditional business, open source use their own funds, technology and customer advantage to find new revenue and profit growth points, save efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and constantly improve per capita production efficiency and reduce unit cost expenditures.

It is worth noting that the EMC model is to increase the enthusiasm for capital expenditures in energy-saving retrofitting of grid companies and accelerate the development of demand-side energy-saving service markets, which is a win-win innovation and profit growth point. The country’s electricity sales amounted to 3,253.9 billion kwh, the line loss rate was 6.73%, and the electricity consumption was 219 billion kwh, which was equivalent to approximately 131.4 billion yuan in annual electricity bills and 86.47 million tons of standard coal. The line loss rate decreased. Declined by 0.1%, saving electricity costs by about 1 billion yuan. Because there is no reasonable business model (power savings can not be reflected in the income statement, energy-saving renovation capital expenditures are included in the balance sheet), power grid companies have no enthusiasm for energy-saving reform; government The EMC innovation model encouraged has greatly increased the enthusiasm for capital expenditures for energy-saving transformation of power grid companies. Energy-saving services can have independent revenue (savings of electricity) and profits, enjoy government tax incentives and cash subsidies, and grid companies can reasonably use the EMC model to accelerate development. Energy-saving services, innovative profit models, and improved return on assets.

The energy-saving services on the demand side of power grid enterprises are currently more feasible for the transformation of distribution network stock transformation and distribution equipment and node power management. About 70% of the loss of the power grid occurs in the 10kV distribution network, 60% of which is related to the power management level of the distribution network equipment and nodes, and this is also the current energy-saving target market for power grid companies. We estimate that the market capacity in the area of ​​energy-saving services on the demand side will be approximately 100 billion yuan, and the estimated annual investment will be approximately 20 billion yuan in accordance with the completion of five years of implementation.

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