Toilet floor waterproofing precautions

In the renovation of the old house, the renovation of the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the owner's attention. The ground waterproofing is the most important part of the bathroom renovation. In order to make the owner clear and clear understanding of the floor waterproofing of the bathroom, the following points are proposed on this issue. Suggest:

1. Demolition of walls and floors

It is very important to remove the wall and floor of the bathroom. It directly affects whether the waterproofing of the bathroom can be done at one time.

Demolition requirements: the wall surface must be removed to the bottom layer; the ground is removed to the floor slab; the wall, floor, wall and floor joints should not be left with an acute angle of concrete; no steel head should be left; there should be no irregularities.

2. Do the protection layer:

The protective layer is made on the upper and lower sides of the waterproof layer, and the purpose is to protect the waterproof layer from being sharply smashed under the waterproof layer, and the upper object or the corner is broken.

3. Waterproof coating

Waterproof coatings shall be qualified products that meet the requirements of national and local regulations.

4. Brush waterproof coating

Generally, the home improvement is basically made of waterproof paint. The waterproof paint must be brushed. It can't be rolled with a roller, and a brush should be worn with a brush. There must be no omissions. When you brush the next time, you have to wait for it again and then brush it again; To alternate the brush in both vertical and horizontal directions, be sure to pay attention to the waterproof coating on the joint between the root of the wall and the ground when brushing the wall surface. It must be brushed in place; the waterproof coating on the ground should be connected with the waterproof coating on the wall to form a type of basin. .

5. Closed water test

After the protective layer on the waterproof coating is dried, it is necessary to carefully perform the water shut-off test according to the relevant regulations. No perfunctory things.

I hope that the above precautions can provide some help to the owners of the decoration.  

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