Home improvement sharing: installation process of household copper water pipes

What is the installation process of household copper water pipes? What are the precautions in the installation process of household copper water pipes? Is the installation process of household copper water pipes difficult? The readers will encounter many problems in the installation of copper pipes in their homes. The following small series for your trick: the installation process of household copper water pipes.

What is a domestic copper water pipe? The so-called domestic copper water pipe refers to a household water pipe made of copper. The correct installation of household copper water pipes is very important and can effectively avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. Then we will immediately introduce the "installation process of household copper water pipes", I hope to help everyone.

Installation process of household copper water pipes:

1. Conversion of drawings and construction drawings:

(1) On-site measurement, draw a single line diagram of the pipeline.

(2) Determine the shape, number, and position of the compensation device.

(3) Determine the form, quantity and location of the branches and hangers.

(4) Determine the type of insulation material and construction method.

2. Cutting, forming and prefabrication:

(1) Cut the material according to the one-line diagram.

(2) The bend of the elbow is shaped.

(3) Machining prefabrication of "Ω" type expansion joints.

(4) Processing and prefabrication of branches and hangers.

(5) Prefabrication of the pipe section.

3. Laying of pipelines

(1) Pipes and hangers shall be laid according to the pipeline.

(2) Lay the pipes and connect them.

PS: Advantages of household copper water pipes:

1. We all know that copper has a low order in chemical activity sequencing, stable performance and strong corrosion resistance. Copper is a material with a certain strength and excellent plasticity and toughness in metal, and has excellent low temperature properties. Therefore, the copper water pipe can be both heat-resistant and fire-resistant, does not age, and has certain frost heaving resistance.

2. In addition, the copper tube is durable and has a small thermal expansion rate, and is particularly suitable for being embedded in a cement wall without fear of cracking of the wall. However, copper pipes are more expensive.

3. Copper water pipes can inhibit the growth of bacteria. E. coli can no longer continue to reproduce in copper pipelines. More than 99% of E. coli and pneumonia bacteria are eliminated after entering the copper pipeline for 5 hours, keeping the drinking water clean. health.

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