Application of surface flaw automatic detection equipment in LCD panel glass industry

In the production process of liquid crystal screen, due to process and environmental reasons, the display defects of the liquid crystal panel may be caused. At present, the detection of defects mainly depends on the manual one. The liquid crystal display has been inspected. At present, the liquid crystal display has become the mainstream display device in the display system. LCDs have gradually replaced display devices such as LEDs and VFDs. In the production process of liquid crystal screen, due to process and environmental reasons, the display defects of the liquid crystal screen may be caused. At present, the detection of defects mainly relies on labor, mainly by means of human visual and personal subjective judgment ability, but subject to personal vision, The effects of emotions, fatigue, light, and other factors, low work efficiency, large differences in sorting, manual testing can only achieve 80% effectiveness. It is understood that most of the problems encountered by enterprises at present are as follows: 1. The non-performing rate of the backlight module in the production process is relatively high, reaching about 20%; 2. Currently mainly relying on manual inspection, high requirements for personnel, general training The time is more than 2 months; 3. Because the turnover rate is high, and the human eye detection is very harmful to the eyes, it is quite difficult to recruit. 4. The stability of manual inspection is low, the subjective influence is large, the yield will fluctuate, and some defects will cause The customer's response is very fierce. 5. Increasing labor costs have caused many problems for many companies. For example, it is difficult to obtain a steady increase in product quality, resulting in a large number of customers losing. At the same time, high turnover of personnel also faces a shortage of recruitment, which makes the cost of enterprises increase. Wuxi Chuangshi has been developing and designing various visual inspection equipments for many years in the field of machine vision precision measurement. According to the requirements of ITO glass external touch screen detection, it has developed a kind of measurement that can guarantee the automatic flaw detection and complete almost all 2D plane size measurement. The glass enamel automatic detector, which can improve the efficiency, helps the manufacturers in the liquid crystal field solve a big problem. Second, the status quo of research at home and abroad With the rapid development of machine vision technology and optoelectronic technology, a new detection technology - machine vision detection has emerged. The so-called visual inspection is a detection method that uses an image as a means or carrier for detecting and transmitting signals when detecting a target to be measured, and its purpose is to extract a useful signal from the image China. Machine vision inspection is a new detection technology formed by machine vision technology and optical measurement principle. It is based on optics and integrates the current science and technology such as electronics, computer technology and image processing technology to form light, electricity and computer. Comprehensive detection technology. It is widely used in image-related technical fields such as dimensional measurement of geometric quantities, micro-scale measurement of delicate and complex parts, and appearance inspection of parts. Machine vision-based inspection technology has the following advantages: (1) It has no contact with the object to be inspected, so it will not cause any damage to both the detection and the detected ones. It is very safe and reliable, which is unmatched by other detection methods. of. (2) The objects that can be detected by the visual method are very extensive, and it can be said that there is no choice for the object. In theory, the range that is not visible to the human eye can be observed by machine vision. (3) People can't concentrate on observing objects for a long time, machine vision is not fatigued, and it is consistently measured, so machine vision can be widely used in long-term and harsh working environments. (4) It has the advantages of fast, flexible, real-time, reliable and high consistency, and has good economic benefits for mass production. Due to the above advantages, visual inspection has been widely studied since the early 1980s, and it is still in the ascendant, and the application of machine vision in the field of automatic detection of liquid crystal display defects has also developed. Third, Wuxi Chuangshi surface ç‘•ç–µ automatic detector in the LCD glass industry application Wuxi Chuangshi () surface ç‘•ç–µ detector is customized based on machine vision detection technology, its precise identification function is mainly reflected in glass enamel detection and size Detection aspect. The main features are as follows: 1. Pipeline scheme closely integrated with the production line; 2. Detection speed up to 0.01 sec/piece (depending on size); 3. No additional lighting fixture 4. For surface foreign matter, stroke Injury, poor assembly, abnormal brightness, etc. have a high detection rate. 5. You can flexibly set the threshold parameters of ç‘•ç–µ, such as foreign matter size, scratch length, etc.
6. Convenient model switching

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