Environmentally-friendly healing furniture

Furniture , home appliances, is a companion-type product that is essential for building a home and decorating a house. From age sat on the floor lying, developed to be a stable resting on the comfortable sofa or bed.

In the past, people began to buy furniture after the renovation. In recent years, people have begun to pay attention to buying furniture in the decoration of the house, and the right furniture can make their own mood into the home. Unsuitable furniture, even if it is magnificent, you may feel like sleeping on the streets. The home is a warm feeling, with a tribute atmosphere in it, the mood when choosing furniture is naturally attracted by the dazzling, but if the home style after renovation can not fit with the furniture of your favorite, then go back With attitude to pick furniture that I don't like, Xiao Bian thinks this should be a very emotional thing.

In recent years, people are paying attention to environmental protection issues while paying attention to the combination of furniture and decoration style. The comfort of living also depends on the health of the living. It is a hobby of urban residents to spend money to collect healthy winds in the countryside, but if their own furniture can bring If there is an environmental protection function, even if it is a little bit, I think it will make this furniture become a guest of the city. Jiangsu Yuzui Furniture is a furniture enterprise with mature furniture. The main material used in the pomelo furniture is teak furniture. Only listening to this material, Xiaobian is very heart-warming. Teak furniture is a kind of furniture with fruity flavor in Xiaobian’s mind. With such imagination, Xiaobian seems to be like Can smell a faint teak fragrance.


Teak is a tropical tall broad-leaved tree with brown or gray bark and a quadrangular shape with stellate hairs. Leaves opposite, maximal, ovate or elliptic, densely pubescently pubescent. The panicles are broad, with autumn flowers, white flowers and aromas. The world's precious timber species, precious and fast-growing, is the only one among the precious tree species. The average diameter of the teak plantation growing in 10 years is about 20CM. Teak leaves are smashed by hand, blood red stains are used to color the fingers, and it is difficult to wash at a time, so it is called rouge or blood tree. The teak is lustrous and is best made in Southeast Asia. The teak is oily and bright, with uniform color and straight texture. Teak is the best material for making high-end furniture, flooring, interior and exterior decoration. Suitable for shipbuilding, open-air buildings, bridges, etc., especially suitable for the manufacture of ship decks. It has strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances, so it should be used as a wood product for the chemical industry. Especially used in the floor, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, shiny and beautiful, beautiful patterns, elegant color tone, good stability, small deformation, it is the best in the floor. One of the mahogany furniture on the market is made of teak.


Teak is very precious, as Xiaobian knows. It has been at least 50 years since it was grown to a finished product, so it is extremely elegant in choosing furniture materials.

Because of its long-term growth, teak grows out of good wine and is not afraid of deep alleys. Good wood is not afraid of long-term characteristics. Teak wood is firm and durable, with excellent texture and good weather resistance. The more and more teak furniture is used, the more beautiful it is, which is enough to see the practicality and ornamental considerations of the furniture.

And teak is the smallest expansion shrinkage of all wood. The Zheng He fleet of the Ming dynasty voyages across the ocean, the volume of the big sailing boat reached 175 meters long, 65 meters wide, with three teak hulls and up to 16 independent waterproof hulls, which can carry 2,000 tons. The above goods. According to the materials, the Chinese knew that teak could withstand the sun when it was in the ocean. They also knew that teak would not shrink when exposed to wind, heat, rain or salty ocean water. These are the reasons why many people still like teak very much when they choose sea boats or boats today. As teak wood experiences such a small contraction, it makes an excellent choice for the boat door and cabinet. This can be seen in the persistence of the use of teak.

The teak texture is meticulous and beautiful. Colorful ink and beautiful ink lines. It gives teak a feeling of being close to nature, so when you make teak furniture, you don't need special carvings, and pure natural beauty can make your home beautiful.

Finally, the scent that Xiaobian wants to say. The scent of teak can make people feel refreshed and refreshed. The special aroma also has a good effect on the brain and nervous system of middle-aged and elderly people. It contains natural pomelo fragrance, which can effectively purify the air and relieve tension. Rest and sleep. Comfortable back-to-back design with a special scent that puts your brain in a healthy environment.


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Advantage of Exterior Wall Cladding Tiles

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Exterior Cladding Materials For Buildings construction: adhesive construction, dry-hanging construction

Construction Notes

1. When the structure is constructed, the verticality and flatness of the outer wall should meet the standard requirements. The dust, dirt and grease on the surface of the base are removed.

2. On the base plastering surface, first hang the vertical and horizontal control lines, and then hang out the tile control line according to the size and arrangement of the tiles.

3. When the tile is pasted, the mortar should be full. It is not advisable to knock and move more. Especially after the mortar is collected, it cannot be corrected.

4. After the caulking is completed according to the design requirements, clean the surface with a clean cloth.

5. About 30 hours after the completion of the caulking (depending on the weather at the time), and after the brick joint has solidified to a certain strength, rinse the brick surface thoroughly from top to bottom with clean water.


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