Jinzhi cabinet private custom kitchen to play with human fireworks

I can cook and cook food at home, not only for food safety, but when you take out the soup made by yourself, the feeling of dining with the restaurant must be very different. However, for a lady who loves beauty, every day Cooking cooking seems to be unbearable. The biggest worry is that under the long-term influence of kitchen fumes, it is not to become a yellow-faced woman. This issue has been thought of as a cabinet for you. The concept of Jinzhi cabinet is to make the most suitable kitchen for Chinese people. The cabinet products are completely based on the cooking habits of Chinese families, paying more attention to the function of the range hood, ensuring rapid withdrawal, no Residue, let the beauty of you easily play with the fireworks.

The Jinzhi cabinet product line is very rich, and it has introduced 18 series including Moroccan style, Roman holiday and Wizard of Oz. The style is changeable.

The noble luxury of the nobility, the fresh and natural nature of the pastoral, the romantic atmosphere of the petty bourgeoisie, the colorful cabinets decorate the kitchen, and the housewives who are among them will never feel that cooking is a chore. In the clean and tidy kitchen, the body and mind are pleasant, making food is also a pleasure, and the daily meal time has become interesting and enjoyable.

"Industry is good at specialization", this is the concept of every Jinzhi people. For many years, Jinzhi cabinets have been devoted to the research and development of the whole kitchen, especially its special product---paint series, which constantly deepens innovation in design and craftsmanship. When Jinzhi cabinets were unveiled with international fashion style, delicate and unique door styles and simple and beautiful color matching, they immediately stood out from many brands. Not only did they win the Bianjuju East China cabinet retail champion for 6 consecutive years, but also won the more More and more high-end customers are favored.

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The Mobile Module House USES the high-tech compound adopt develop but becomes, is green environmental protection product,MOBILE Module House is use The most advanced, time-saving and labor-saving BBOX module building adopts Aeronautical material New type of Composite Material made of Silicon through 5 years of research and development completed. It has Durability, Physical property , Waterproofness, Abrasion resistance,Fire protection, Blast protection, Chemical corrosion resistance, 7 times stronger than normal concrete,1/5 times lighter than normal concrete,thermal Insulation.
In addition,  Mobile Module house Is use BBOX module building Making "box" as basic unit of building, Neo 
Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (Neo-PPVC) , All moldularized in factory Hoisted on site, Suitable for wide span buildings mm-class deviation, Industrialized production and decoration. 80% of  production and decoration completed in factory, then the rest parts are transporte to the site for direct installation complete. 

A 204 square metter of the two-storey villa, about a day, four worker can installation complete. The Entire house except water and electricity installation, furniture and appliances need responsible from the customer, the rest of all building, wall, roof, floor, kitchen utensils, such as whole bathroom decorated etc by factory supply, thus greatly reduce customer building time and the cost of hiring workers, At the same time, because it is made of advanced high-tech materials, it is more fire-resistant, anti-explosion, anti-chemical corrosion, waterproof, durability, high temperature resistance, strong sealing and other characteristics than traditional buildings, so its service life can exceed 70 years up, even 100 years or 150 years are no problem.  

Therefore, BBOX Mobile module houses have more advantages and competitiveness than traditional houses, and customers will save a lot of trouble when choosing such houses.The villa can be easily built, BBOX can built up to 6 floors, and the interior design can according to the customer requirements customized

BBOX Module houses Delivery time 70days- 90 days, Site installation time 200 square meters 4 workers one day complete.

Mobile Module House

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