Hotel hand dryer selection method

The hotel hand dryer is a must-have item in the hotel room supplies. It is usually installed in the bathroom or bathroom of the guest room, allowing guests to dry their hands in a short time. At present, there are a lot of hand dryers on the market. How can we choose the best hand dryer for the hotel?

First, the hand dryer is mainly used to dry the hand and keep the hand clean and hygienic. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the dry hand time, the dry hand temperature, whether there is noise, and strive to give the guest the most comfortable enjoyment.

Second, the color of the hand dryer. The hotel is a place for many people to enter and exit, so the color matching is likely to affect the overall impression of the guests, so the color of the hand dryer must be consistent with the hotel style.

Third, the weight of the hand dryer. Usually the hand dryer is installed in the bathroom, so we have to consider whether the installation location and materials have enough capacity to withstand the weight of the automatic hand dryer. Choose the right hand dryer according to the actual situation of the bathroom in the room.

Fourth, the quality of the hand dryer. The quality of the hand dryer is mainly to see if there is a factory certificate, whether there is a product quality certificate and other proof of quality. Hotel hand dryers are best to find some well-known brands, which is very beneficial in terms of quality or after-sales.

The selection of hotel hand dryers must be determined according to the use environment of the hotel premises, so that the hand dryer can be used to the maximum effect. In addition, the purchase of hotel hand dryers and our household hand dryers is very different. Under the premise of providing better service to customers, we must ensure that the overall image of the hotel is not damaged.

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