Thermoforming machine

There are basically two forms of molding machines for thermoplastic sheets: a roll feed type and a single piece feed type. The roll-feeding thermoforming machine feeds the roll-shaped sheet or directly into the running line with the sheet extruder. The monolithic feed thermoforming machine is named for the pre-cut material that is fed.

Continuous film roll-feeding thermoforming machines are popular, and can produce high-quality products at high speed and supply them according to the specifications. The most popular ones are 60×60, 90×90, 125×106cm and so on. Such thermoforming machines are often designed with a furnace that is 3 to 4 times longer than the longest mold size. Most of the furnaces are electrically heated and mounted on a rack that can be removed from the sheet transport system. The oven has two main forms of C-frame and drop-door. Thermoforming systems are often hydraulically or mechanically driven.

Single-piece feed thermoforming machines can be divided into rotary and shuttle types (Figure 12). Rotary thermoforming machines are often used in the production of large quantities of products. A common three-station standard thermoforming machine has a station rotation of 120°. There is also a four-station thermoforming machine that adds a heating station. The shuttle thermoforming machine has a forming station, the sheet is clamped on the frame and then reciprocated over the furnace. It is also designed as a two-station thermoforming machine consisting of two forming stations and one oven. This type of thermoforming machine has a wide processing adaptability.

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