Million HD video surveillance product selection

One of the highlights of choosing a million HD products: low-light display and clear appearance

People who have done power and heat security have known that, many years ago, DVR card compression chip power big heat, some DVR, in order to better heat dissipation, manufacturers in the chip on the heat sink, and even Prepare a small fan to lower the temperature, otherwise the machine will crash due to heat. Not only the DVR, but also the camera, the temperature can not be too high.

As digital HD is widely recognized by the industry as a development trend, millions of high-definition solution providers have recently emerged in a hurry to battle high-definition, but we have found that there are many chip solution providers that use the compression chip on the DVR to use the camera. As we all know, compared with the camera DVR's machine shell is very large, easy to heat, and some DVR internal fan, even if the DVR compression chip power consumption is a little larger, may not affect the DVR's stable work, but if it is hard To put the compressed chip used in the DVR into a small camera, the heat is difficult to disperse, and the stability of the machine is difficult to guarantee, especially to the hot summer, the outdoor sun exposure at noon, the stability is more worrying .

As we all know, the most used security cameras are infrared cameras. The original machine has a lot of heat, and the infrared lamps are even hotter.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the current low-illuminance camera of millions of HD cameras in China is not only poor in the ability to sense visible light, but also weak in the ability to sense invisible light. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired infrared effect, it is forbidden to Without increasing the current and the number of infrared lamps, the originally very hot camera is heated and reheated.

Power consumption and heat generation have negative effects:

Not suitable for outdoor summer sun exposure, otherwise it is easy to crash; not suitable for infrared machine, because the infrared lamp will increase heat, easy to crash; had to make a large shell or large chassis, thus increasing hardware costs and transportation costs; not suitable for high speed Ball, because the high-speed ball with motor heat is larger than ordinary cameras; if the use of electric fan cooling, the life and stability of the fan is more difficult to protect.

Select one million high-definition points 2: the quality of the sensor and technology solutions directly affect the quality of the product

Because of the adoption of low-power digital camera movements and the use of the latest low-illuminance CMOS technology, the ability to sense infrared light is strong, so the machine generates little heat and enhances long-term stability.

Choose the lowest power consumption low-power infrared lamp products and the lowest power chip and low illumination technology on the market, and combine the infrared lamp angle with the lens angle, so that the use of infrared lamps is greatly improved, so no need to Many infrared lights can achieve a good night vision effect.

In order to reduce the heat output of the camera's power supply during operation, the power supply of the camera has been specifically moved outwards, and the world's lowest power POE power supply technology has been used, making all the wave particles reach the lowest power consumption and the lowest heat, improving product life. .

When choosing the shell, instead of selecting a beautiful shell, it focuses on the principles of thermodynamics and heat conduction to make the thermal and thermal conductivity of the camera's network board and chip the best. This also makes it possible for Zhongshiweiye’s cameras to not require large shells. That is to achieve a good cooling effect, improve product stability and service life.

Digital cameras used in the field of network performance and delay security are basically network output. As long as it is a network camera, there will be different degrees of delay, because the camera must first turn the light into a digital electrical signal, then processing and compression, and then transmitted through the network to the back-end host, the host finally decompress the video display video, it Experienced three processes of compression, transmission and decompression.

The difference in the length of network delays is actually caused by different manufacturers' compression algorithms, network software performance, and decompression algorithms. If the high-definition manufacturers have strong R&D capabilities, the compression and decompression performance is strong, the network transmission performance is fast, and the natural network latency is short.

Digital HD cameras, in addition to clarity and low illumination are important, in fact, how the network performance is also crucial.

Long network delays have negative effects:

Not conducive to adjusting the lens and the head, causing inconvenience to use;

When the number of monitoring channels is large, if a large number of long-delay network cameras with compression, decompression, and poor network performance are used in the entire system, the stability of the system is more difficult to guarantee. In fact, the network has a long delay, which reflects the high-definition manufacturers' core R&D strength and the stability of the large system.

"Safety Engineering Business" August 2010 Review of domestic and foreign brands of high-definition products, the evaluation team found that the same 720P HD picture, the same network conditions, Zhongshi Weiye HD camera delay is only 0.11 seconds, while other brands Up to 0.4 seconds and 0.7 seconds.

We have invited famous domestic security experts to conduct comparative tests on a number of branded products currently on the market and found that Zhongshi Weiye Million HD products has the smallest network latency. At many security exhibitions in China, there are many engineering companies that have tested at various booths and have also certified this result.

Select one million HD highlights 3: system integration in supporting solutions

Due to the early days of digital high-definition, there was no internationally unified front-end and back-end communication standard as in the analog era. Therefore, HD manufacturers must not only provide customers with a series of cameras, such as general bolt hemispheres, infrared cameras, ultra-low illumination cameras, and wide dynamics. A series of cameras, such as the HD Speed ​​Dome, also provide back-end HD decoders, hybrid DVRs, pure digital PDVR (or NVR) and a series of back-end devices.

The incomplete series of high-definition front-end devices has negative impacts:

It is difficult to apply to large and medium-sized projects because the larger the project, the more types of cameras and ancillary equipment required.

The side reflects the R&D strength of HD manufacturers, many so-called high-definition manufacturers, lack of technology research and development, naturally lacks the ability to distinguish the quality of the program, buy two-stream program processing and assembly of high-definition cameras, if you purchase this camera, once the product meets the actual application site Special circumstances and abnormalities, after-sales service will become a problem.

Point Four to Select Million HD: Product Maturity and Stability

According to the product is divided into: million HD gun, million HD hemisphere, million HD IR gun, million HD IR hemisphere, million HD high-speed ball, million HD high-speed infrared camera, million HD elevator dedicated camera, one hundred Million HD wide dynamic camera, Million HD low light camera, Million HD zoom machine, Million HD zoom machine movement, Million HD NVR, Million HD network storage host, Large management platform, Million HD decoder , Million HD module mixed acquisition card, Million HD system card, POE power supply switch, Million HD dedicated fiber optic transceivers, million HD high-definition cable, and other full-series million HD products.

Million HD full range of products, to meet the different needs of different customers, different industries, there is always a suitable for you!


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