U.S. creative company design universal tool kit

According to reports, in order to effectively improve the infant mortality rate in developing countries, Frog Design, a professional creative design company in the United States, designed a new tool kit to integrate a variety of excellent design products and concepts that can provide safe and healthy newborns and mothers. The environment is more effective in dealing with daily challenges that lead to high infant mortality.

Since 1990, the infant mortality rate in developing countries has fallen by nearly half, but about 3 million newborn babies still die each year. In Sierra Leone and Mozambique, for example, the infant mortality rate is still as high as 10%, and many infants die even on the day of birth. Although there are many creative designs to solve this problem, effective methods still need further exploration.

Jonas Damon, creative director of Frog Design, pointed out that solving the problem of low infant survival rate depends on personal efforts and is far from enough. We need to combine everyone's strengths.

The kit includes vitamins and supplements needed by the mother every three months during pregnancy, and a dedicated telephone number for weekly counseling. Every three months, the mother needs to go to the community medical office to update her supplies and perform health checks. After each inspection, she can also get a small gift for her baby. In addition, the kit includes tickets for childbirth at the clinic, and items needed for postpartum care, such as linen wrapped around newborns. In addition, the kit itself can be deployed and can be used as a baby's sleeping mat.

Not all parts of the kit are new designs, but the design team believes the kit is valid. The design team needs to further explore and collaborate with various designers and non-governmental organizations to make the use and promotion of the toolkit easier to teach and implement.

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