New Year's home plan to re-arrange the New Year's home

The Spring Festival of the same day, the creation of the festive atmosphere is indispensable to the decoration inside and outside. In the New Year, what is needed is a celebration, which makes the family show a joyful and peaceful meaning, creating a "year" taste and a festive and warm atmosphere. There is a habit of New Year’s greetings in the Spring Festival. It is also very important to share the joy of the holiday with the guests! It is a very good thing to mobilize the whole family and re-arrange the New Year’s home! In this issue, we will provide you with some New Year’s home programs. Let the New Year live a happier life!

living room

Red furniture adds a festive atmosphere

In the New Year, what is needed is a celebration, and the flaming red furniture can best express this joy. The living room can use different levels of gray, with classic black and white as the main tone, rendering a layer of atmosphere and richness, complemented by the main color of this season's fashion stage - red, enhance indoor temperature and mood. Adding a few pieces of red furniture at home, I can bring thousands of years of Chinese traditional culture into the house and taste it slowly. The air seems to be filled with unspeakable enthusiasm: it can be a red sofa, so that the room can be warmed up. It can also be a few red cushions. It can be worn on a sofa or a chair. It is full of styles. For example, the cushions of the "Fu" pattern of large flowers or satin embroidery are both atmospheric and festive. Of course, the choice of cushion color still needs to consider the color of the sofa and sofa wall. If you want a new year, you can hang one or two Chinese knots and be auspicious. In addition, if the walls and floors of the living room are not enough, they can be solved with tapestries and carpets.

Master bedroom

Metal embellishment shapes modernity

The bedroom is made up of large areas of beige or white, complemented by different levels of gray, black, red and white. With natural leather, wool, silk, cotton and other materials, metal embellishment, to create a modern sense of winter home and low-key luxury. The pursuit of the modernity of the winter home and the low-key luxury temperament sounds a bit complicated. In fact, it is not difficult. The fabrics bought in the street shops can easily achieve the purpose and change the “makeup” of the home. Of course, it can also be a red bed mattress, so that the fire will hug you when you are the coldest, and it will also arouse your full passion and prop up a splendid life... The home is decorated with red furniture. This Chinese year can be described as a substantial name. For example, the large red satin bedding combines Chinese-style embroidery with gorgeous patterns to celebrate the luxury and elegance of the New Year. Red is the most suitable holiday color, gold, orange, pink, purple is also a good choice.

dining table

Rich flower embroidery tablecloth full of Chinese flavor

Family reunion and a strong New Year atmosphere have always been the most important thing for Chinese people in the New Year. When the New Year arrives, the original tablecloth on the table is replaced with a red tablecloth. The family and relatives sit together, and the original strong New Year atmosphere will heat up. For example, the satin-rich flower embroidery pattern tablecloths are extravagant and auspicious, regardless of the material or the pattern. The Chinese knot decoration hanging from the four corners of the tablecloth is full of Chinese flavor, and is the top choice for family reunion at the table.

New Year's decoration notice

In China, the New Year is in the winter, although the winter is not the peak season of decoration, there are many people who think that there are many drawbacks in the winter decoration, but any season decoration has advantages and disadvantages, as long as the winter decoration can grasp the corresponding precautions, it can create perfect Family.

Floor paving: In winter installation, special attention should be paid to leaving appropriate construction gaps. There should be about 2 mm expansion joints around the floor. Otherwise, drums and floating will occur in the future.

The temperature is appropriate: control the room temperature, the general indoor temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius within 24 hours.

Material placement: winter decoration, be careful not to stack the decoration materials on the heating equipment to avoid deformation caused by uneven heating. For some wood materials, it should be sealed early, and the seal paint can prevent dirt and reduce moisture loss.

Tone issues: Winter decoration can create an illusion about a person's visual senses. For example, in the winter decoration, people will like some warm colors, and they will not like it in the summer. Therefore, in the decoration, you should use some suitable colors, even if you like very warm or very cold colors, you need to have a moderate color to adjust. (常佳)

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