Scientists successfully developed deformable silver nanosensors

Scientists successfully developed deformable silver nanosensors

In 2012, Dr. Yong Zhu and the North Carolina State University research team led by him used silver nanowires to successfully develop conductors with high conductivity and elasticity. At that time, he said that he used this technology. It can be used as a wearable electronic device to create a multi-function sensor. After nearly two years of research and development, the research team recently announced the development of such a multi-functional sensor.

First, the two ends of the silver nanowire were clamped with an insulator, and then the scientist created a capacitor-bearing device to store the capacitance. When the conductor is pushed, pulled, or touched, the capacitance changes, and the sensor can detect this subtle capacitance change and can make various feedbacks.

Dr. Shanshan Yao of the team said: "This technology stems from physical deformation or edge battery change. He is very similar to the touch on our smartphone, but it can have more excellent applications, which can be pulled up. The sensor can act as a robot's human skin and can monitor movements such as the thumb and knee."

It is good for abrasion resistance, bending resistance and washing resistance .

Application:It is used widely in safety vest, workwear, reflective overalls, raincoats, umbrellas, casual wear, bags, all kinds of sports and leisure shoes, work gloves.

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