Reconstruction of the lower bearing of the bearing spiral classifier

The characteristics of the tilting machine are based on the structural speciality of the 250t converter tilting machine, which has the following characteristics.

Synchronization of operation Because of the four drive motors and four sets of primary reducers, the input shafts of the two sets (sets) with the same height are connected by steel couplings, which are consistent in operation and ensure the different elevations through an electric control system. The two pairs of motors operate synchronously to ensure the synchronization of the operation of the four sets of power input devices.

Load equalization Each set of one speed reducer is provided with a set of planetary reducer, the sun gear is axially extended outward, and the two connecting shaft cranking systems are connected to form a load sharing compensation system, so that four in the secondary reducer The drive gear load is equally divided. Even in the case of one of the two motors of the same level, the load can be evenly distributed to the output gears of the two sets of primary reducers.

This is much more reasonable than the usual fixed connection between the two gearbox flanges, which is improved in terms of the force of the gear shaft, manufacturing and installation.

The horizontal force generated by the tilting torque is applied to the support systems on both sides through the lower push rod of the secondary reducer gearbox, and is transmitted horizontally to the foundation via the butterfly spring.

It mainly consists of a central wheel, a sun gear, three planetary wheels and their supporting arms, their respective supporting structures and bearings, crank connecting rod systems and so on. The whole set is arranged in the passive large bevel gear of the second stage of the primary reducer. The central wheel and the large bevel gear are connected in the same direction and rotate in the same direction. The third stage drive of the reducer is fixed on the support arm shaft of the planetary gear. The driving pinion, the sun gear shaft extends out of the speed reducer, and is equipped with a crank at the shaft end, which is symmetrically arranged with the crank direction of the primary speed reducer of the elevation, and is connected by a connecting rod. The four sets of primary speed reducers are connected in two layers.

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