50 kitchen renovation experience, really dry goods, not fools!

The kitchen is an important part of every home. We need to go in and out of work almost every day to prepare food. So, don’t look at the kitchen, but kitchen and bathroom decoration is an important place for renovation. Most modern kitchens are based on integral kitchen cabinets. The whole kitchen cabinets contain cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen appliances. In this way, the four-in-one and combined cabinets complete the installation and almost complete modern kitchen decoration. Of course, there are other projects in the kitchen decoration, such as ceilings, floors, walls, etc. Don't look at the kitchen renovation project, but there are many details if you do not pay attention, you will regret it! We now take a look at the 50 recommendations for the renovation of the kitchen.

50 recommendations for kitchen renovation

1) Cabinets should not be too greedy and cheap, and the amount of plates used in cabinets is considerable. Coupled with the generally small kitchen space and relatively hot and humid use environment, it is suitable for the conditions for releasing formaldehyde. Therefore, environmental protection is still very important.

2) The door panel is the most durable fire board, the shortest life is plastic, most afraid of the plan is the paint, the most expensive is solid wood, the cheapest is a double finish.

3) With less money and fewer kitchens, and with the effect of fancy, plastic, you can make a variety of solid wood to make the shape.

4) Less silver and often under the kitchen, fire board or double facing, durable and practical.

5) Cabinet door edge is best to use ABS or aluminum, more durable.

6) The cabinet top cabinet is not very useful, and it is not very convenient to pick it up too much. It is far more convenient to be a practical 40-top cabinet.

7) It is not necessary to use the glass for the cabinet door. There is no handicrafts in the cabinet. It is oily salt and vinegar-like debris that is difficult to see. If it is not necessary, it is best to wear flowers or scrubs.

8) The cabinet particle board can not be repeatedly nailed up and down, so at first it is still a little better hardware.

9) The cupboard door handle is best not to use easy to hang clothes, but also to consider the use of wet hands or oil, so it is best to choose a larger handle.

10) Chinese food needs to be placed much more than Western food. Don't forget to leave room for rice, noodles, oil, and grains.

11) If the sterilizers and ovens are embedded in the cabinets, the wall of the cabinets around these appliances should be affixed with aluminum foil. Otherwise, the four walls will be roasted together, reducing the service life of the cabinets.

12) It is very practical to put a small wattage operation wall lamp on the console.

13) 30-35 can put a knife, cutting board, chopsticks, bottles, pull basket is what is tasteless, simply can not put a lot of things, put into sauces, access is not convenient. In fact, the two kinds of pull baskets are the most practical ones, one for putting bowls and one for putting pots.

14) It is best not to connect the basket to the door panel. It takes a long time for the door panel to be deformed and it is not true to the other panels.

15) Drawers are practical, but not as much as possible (expensive price). In fact, most drawers are not properly placed. Consider a small partition in a drawer.

16) Stainless steel countertops are the most durable, artificial stone is the least dirty and quartz stone is the most expensive. Frequently used stainless steel countertops are the most suitable, too cold, and can be adjusted with panel and tile colors.

17) Stainless steel embossing table is less likely to scratch than drawing table.

18) Side-smoking machines do have a better smoking experience than regular or European-style smoking machines.

19) Although the side smoking machine should always be scrubbed, it can really reduce the suction in the fan.

20) The side smoking machine body and the exhaust tube are not fixed by the clips only and must be glued and sealed.

21) It is better to install the side smoking machine as close to the cooker as possible.

22) If installing an ordinary or European style fume hood, it is best to install a stainless steel sheet on the tile part of the stove, which can be easily cleaned.

23) The stove panel is still the most practical stainless steel. What Teflon or glass will not do, especially the glass is not only dirty but also not greasy.

24) Do not apply glue between the cooktop and the panel to facilitate inspection.

25) The cooktop must have a small opening on the surface to prevent overflow of the soup and flow into the cooker.

26) It is easier for the countertop to wash the countertop, especially if the stainless steel sink is for stainless steel countertops, the adhesion of the glue is much worse than that of the artificial stone.

27) The faucet handle of the sink must be large and easy to clean. It is best to use the kind that the arm can push.

28) The sink must have a basket to prevent clogging and easy cleaning.

29) S-curve must be made when water is poured into the sink.

30) If you have a large population at home, large single slots will be more convenient and suitable for Chinese life.

31) If the kitchen does not leak, the washing machine is better not to be in the kitchen.

32) When hydropower is reformed, it is necessary to think about the layout of cabinets and electrical appliances. It is important to leave enough outlets for the cabinets. It is best to leave outlets in the front and back walls. The waterproof box is not necessary.

33) The Sheung Shui exports can reveal the cabinets. Although it is less beautiful, it is much safer.

34) Do not put paintings, ceramics, or artificial flowers in the kitchen. Consider planting potted plants. Foreign countries like to plant some herbs, mints, or anything. You can use them at any time in the dishes. It is worth learning from.

35) dishwasher is basically not suitable for China's national conditions, a waste; disinfecting cabinet cost is unreasonable, most of the time will be a cupboard, unless there are patients at home or more visitors (the best visitors to the next restaurant), general people No need to spend more than 2,000, it is better to go to IKEA spend a few dozen yuan to buy a drain basket, put it outside to control it.

36) The kitchen is best not to use a rag to wipe hands, it is best to use the rough paper towels sold in the supermarket, much cleaner, this money still has to spend

37) If the kitchen is often used, the ceiling of the kitchen is made of aluminum-plastic plates and square plates.

38) The main kitchen light source is best to be embedded, and the brightness must be enough.

39) If you need to use the kitchen often to understand this in advance, the function of the kitchen is still mainly used. It will definitely be a contradiction with the beauty. Certainly there must be a trade-off unless the kitchen is used.

40) The gas must not be packaged and must be set aside for inspection and maintenance.

41) In addition to the main valve, for the gas stove, gas water heaters, etc., it is best to set the valve separately, and there is a problem to facilitate closure.

42) The hose must be replaced every two years.

43) If most of the gas pipe is packed into the cabinet, it is better to leave a gas alarm socket. Consider using the alarm in the future or now.

44) If you make less meals, you can consider open style. If there are more, closed insurance, and even the best smoking machine, it is impossible to suck fumes away. You can consider plastic doors or glass partitions, which can greatly increase the lighting.

45) The kitchen has a hanging bar, hangs up some common guys and it's easy to use.

46) If the ordinary hood, spend 100-200 yuan get a glass cover, the effect will be much better, it is more ugly and not easy to clean

47) The kitchen's brick press and high light are still better cleaned, that is, do not choose hemp or rough surface.

48) Unless the kitchen is very small, you can usually try shades other than white. It is best to use a warm color system. You can consider two kinds of colors to match the feeling of a home instead of a restaurant.

49) Kitchen tiles must be non-slip. It is best to place a mat in the operating area.

50) Kitchen ledges can be made as wide as possible. They can hold a lot of things and are more practical.

With regard to the relevant content of the 50 kitchen renovation proposals, Xiao Bian introduced it to everyone here. Modern kitchen decoration seems simple, it seems to be to install a whole cabinet thing, but in fact, there are many details of the renovation of new people is very easy to ignore, as a small white decoration, we may wish to see more people come experience, draw other people's Lessons, previous experience, can be Kam! Looking at the details of other people's decoration errors, we can avoid these mistakes! For more information, please follow this site!

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