Peeling machine English instruction manual

Peeling machine English instruction manual Shoe equipment thinning machine English operation manual:
For operation security and machine durability, this skiving machine isdesigned to be made of quality parts and components. It makes the machine moreprecise,easy and safe in operation. It is equipped with automatic chip cleaner and knife sharpening clutch. The max. Skiving width is 50mm Simple partsreplacement gives you easy maintenance. It is widely available in skiving allkinds of leather,synthetic leather,rubber.etc

GenralDescription and Instruction


It is Widely used for the shaping of slope edge and the even shiving of warious Parts for Ieathermaterial and PU material goods such as leather shoes,Gloves ,bags,wallet.belt,macketand suitcase,etc .


1.Rationaldesign,compact in structure,easy operation,simple adjustment and goodperformance.

2.Low noiselevel because of adoption of low noise precision bearings and making at utmostcare.

3.Withknife sharpener.Driven through clutch level,easy operation and saving ofenergy.

4.Withautonatic belt stretcher,safety and reliabililty in criving.

5.Withautomatic of spare parts.

6.Easyreplacement cleaning.


1.Motor: 370-550W, 1400rpm

2.Knifesize: Φ118XΦ114X52(mm)

3.Knifespeed: 1270rpm

4.Knifeaxial displacement: 30mm

5.Feedwheel speed: 62,99,132rpm

6.Feedingspeed: 9247, 14766, 19688mm/min

7.Skivingwidth: 10-50mm

8.Abrasivewheel size: Φ70XΦ16X8(mm)

9. Noiselevel:
10.Weight: 100kgs

IV.Instllationand adjustment


When itsbeing installed, first assemble the stand and work table, then fix the machine on the table by two pairs of hinge, lastly fix the desired motor on the rear side of the table and fit up V. belt.Before being put into operation, it must Betrialoperated and it is certain that the trun direction of the knife iscorrect(seeing knife rightwards it turns clockwise) and the machine functionsnormally.


It isnecessary to make some adjustments according to the skiving requirements.

1).When thedesired skiving thick of the parts for leather goods varies,please adjusttheheight of presser foot(1-16)correspondingly.In the case of even skiving andslope skiving,please respectively use Presser foot A and presser foor B; and whena U shape skiving is required, please use presser foot C. Skiving width can beadjusted through the ruler(1-31)

2).When itis necessary to change the feeding speed, please change the position of the V.belt of the belt pulley.


Clearance between the feed wheel and the knife can be adjusted by turning the

Handles (3-64&3-67).When equal ordifferent clearance along the knife edge is required, please turn the handle(3-67). Turning the handle(3-64)makes the clearance equally decreased orincreased.Be sure that feed wheel can 't collide with knife.

4).Whenknife is blunt, set the clutch leveler at work position, and then trun thescrew(3-36)slowly to grind the knife.

5).Afterthe knife is worn,move the knife axis leftwards slightly by turning theknob.The proper distance between the right surface of the presser foot and theknife edge is 0.1-0.5mm.

6).Throughpushing or pulling the cleaner(2-1) by accessory(4-4), the axial position ofcleaner in the knife can be adjusted and the desired cleaning result for differentmaterial scrap can be got .


1.Beforeoperation,be sure the machine is in a good condition.

2.Periodicallyfeed oil on the moving parts.

3.sharpenthe knife when it is blunt.

4.If thereis abnormal noise or bard running of the machine, it must be stopped and checkedat once. If necessary, please have it repaired by a qualified technician, Don'tgo into operation until the machine has arrived at the good condition.

5.Keep the

Machine clean.Related reading:Shoemaking equipment, shoe making machinery, front machine

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