How important is the fresh air system, you will know after reading!

As one of the selling points of the project, this has caused many users who do not understand the central air system to be full of doubts. When many of the friends are refurbishing it, they are tangled with whether or not to install a new air system. Why should the central air system be deployed? What are the benefits of the Central Fresh Air System? Then Xiaobian introduced it to everyone.

I. Principles of the Central Fresh Air System

The new air is transported in a displacing manner instead of the internal circulation principle of the air-conditioning gas and the unhealthy combination of old and new gases. The outdoor fresh air is automatically sucked into the room through the negative pressure method and installed on the bedroom, room or living room window. When the new tuyere enters the room, it is automatically dusted and filtered. At the same time, the corresponding indoor piping is connected to the exhaust outlets in several functional rooms. The formed circulatory system will take away the indoor exhaust gas, concentrate on the exhaust outlet, “exhale”, and the discharged exhaust gas will no longer be recycled. Good shape of the wind cycle. Moreover, taking into account the conservation and reuse of energy, the discharged air will be heat-recovered, and the recovery rate will reach over 80% as a new energy source.

Second, why should install a fresh air system

The rapid development of urban construction, the high airtightness of modern architecture and the application of a large number of decorative materials have led to increasingly serious indoor air pollution. Due to the weakened ventilation capacity of the building itself, odors such as dust, dander, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and smoking fumes on furniture and carpets cannot be properly discharged outdoors, causing great harm to human health. Many people even experience headaches. Dry cough, dry and itchy skin, dizziness, nausea, and sickly building syndrome. Especially the SARS virus that spreads around the world several years ago and the bird flu that broke out all over the world have made people realize the importance of installing indoor air ventilation equipment such as fresh air systems.

III. Benefits and Functions of the Central Fresh Air System

1, provide fresh air. 365 days a year, every day for 24 hours a day to provide fresh air for indoor, without opening windows can also enjoy the fresh air of nature to meet the health needs of the human body.

2, remove harmful gases. Effectively removes unhealthy or harmful gases such as fumes, CO2, cigarettes, bacteria, and viruses, which can prevent children, loved ones, and elderly people in the home from being exposed to secondhand smoke.

3, mold and odor. Elimination of damp and contaminated indoor air, eradication of odors, prevention of mildew and bacteria, and prolonged service life of buildings and furniture.

4, reduce noise pollution. There is no need to endure the turbulence caused by the windows, making the interior more quiet and comfortable.

5, dust. Avoid opening windows to bring a lot of dust, effectively filter outdoor air, and ensure that the air entering the room is clean.

6, reduce energy consumption. Running continuously throughout the year, the electricity consumption may not be as good as your one refrigerator, and the energy discharged from the outdoor air can be recovered, minimizing the loss of the cold source and heat source in the summer or winter season, and reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioner. .

7, safe and convenient. Avoid the hidden dangers of property and personal safety caused by window opening. Even if there is no one at home, it can automatically breathe fresh air. Through the above introduction to the benefits of the Central Fresh Air System, we can see that the Central Fresh Air System is an effective method for improving indoor air quality and realizing indoor ventilation. It can reduce energy consumption, protect health, prevent dust and noise, and improve life. Comfort. In developed countries, the Central Fresh Air System has become a must-have for residential facilities.

Fourth, the central air system design and installation of common sense issues

The design and installation of the central fresh air system mainly considers the layout of pipelines. On the one hand, it is necessary to minimize the loss of air volume. On the other hand, it also meets the requirements for the ceiling height of the owners. Finally, it must cooperate with the central air-conditioning pipelines of some owners. It is suggested that all owners should do a good job of coordination in all aspects when installing the fresh air system.

V. Main issues to be considered during the construction and installation of the Central Fresh Air System

1, first need to consider what pipeline, priority to use hard pipeline.

2, need to consider the arrangement of the pipeline to minimize the loss of air volume.

3, to meet the overall design of the customer's indoor ceiling height requirements.

4. Whether or not the structural condition of the location where the hole is to be perforated is satisfied or permitted, and it cannot be at the cost of destroying the overall structure of the room.

5. The position of the air outlet and the selection and treatment of the position of air-conditioning return air outlet.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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