To solve the noise, 4 strokes is enough!

The essence of the soundproofing of windows lies in two pieces: thick and sealed. The main point lies in holes and seams. The poor soundproofing of windows is mainly due to the poor sealability, or the glass is too thin. How to improve the sound insulation of windows? 1 Replacing windows or glass: According to Xiao Bian walking in the market, double-glazed glass has become the mainstream of the market. Compared with single-layer glass, its sound-insulating effect has been greatly improved. The double glazing is also divided into hollow glass ("Hamburg", two layers of glass sandwich air), laminated glass ("sandwich biscuit", two glass sandwiches an intermediate film), vacuum glass (in the middle sandwich near vacuum). In terms of sound insulation, the order is vacuum glass, laminated glass, and insulating glass. The reader can choose to replace the window glass or add a layer of glass according to the demand. At present, there are also professional soundproof windows on the market. Many of them use laminated glass and vacuum glass, and are professionally installed to ensure the soundproof treatment of cracks. This is also a good choice, but the price is relatively high. At present, it is about 1,000 yuan a square. 2 Install the sealing strip: The sealing strip specially deals with the window gap. It is also a kind of noise strip, which is divided into strips and tops. The strips are used for the sealing of glass and window frames and sashes, and the top strip is the gap between the sealing frame and the fan. The hole can be filled with lime, sawdust and other things. Holes and seams are handled well, and the soundproof effect naturally comes up. 3 The legendary sound insulation film: When Xiao Bian first saw the sound insulation film, he thought it was the gospel of the noise victim. It is easy to install and does not require any extra treatment. It just needs to apply a sound-proof film on the glass like a mobile phone film. . However, the effect of the sound insulation film is very general, and the sound insulation effect between the sealing strip and the sound insulation glass is too big to be used. 4 Installation of soundproof curtains: The noise reduction performance of soundproof curtains is better than that of sound insulation films, which is equivalent to adding a layer of media in the noise transmission, similar to the curtains in front of cinemas and theaters. There are professional soundproof curtains on the market, but they need professional installation, and the price is 1000-2000 yuan per square meter. Of course, we can reduce the noise by thickening our own curtains, using double or multiple layers, similar to the original common method: a layer of quilt is nailed behind the door, which can not only effectively insulate but also effectively insulate. Owners and friends can choose to use according to personal needs and noise, to create a quiet indoor environment for themselves.

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