Trina Solar refreshes IBC battery world record

On April 26, 2016, the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology of Trina Solar announced that it has been independently tested by a third-party authority JET to create a 156×156mm2 large-area N-type monocrystalline silicon with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 23.5%. IBC battery world record. This figure exceeded the world record of 22.94% set by Trina Solar in May 2014.

IBC battery (full back-contacted crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell) is a technology that moves positive and negative two-pole metal contacts to the back of the cell, so that the front of the cell facing the sun is completely black, and the front of most photovoltaic cells cannot be seen at all. metal wire. This not only brings more effective power generation area to the user, but also helps to improve the power generation efficiency and the appearance is also more beautiful. This record-breaking N-type monocrystalline silicon large-area IBC battery developed by the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology for Photovoltaics adopts an advanced back-side electrode cross-over structure design and low-cost production process. The new world record IBC battery with an efficiency of 23.5% completely adopts the traditional screen printing process. This is another milestone after the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 24.4% of the 2x2cm2 small-area laboratory IBC battery developed by Trina Solar and the Australian National University in just two years. The 156×156mm2N single crystal silicon IBC battery is The area is consistent with the current industrial photovoltaics.

Dr. Feng Zhiqiang, the vice president of Trina Solar and director of the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology, said: “We are pleased to announce the new creation by scientists and researchers from the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology. The world record.” The photoelectric conversion efficiency reached 23.5%, which is the highest efficiency of a large-area single-crystal silicon IBC battery of 156×156mm2. IBC batteries are by far the most efficient crystalline silicon cells, but there have been problems with the relatively complicated manufacturing process. For many years, the State Key Laboratory of Trina Solar has devoted itself to the research of low-cost and high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell technology. We believe that the development and application of large-area IBC batteries will ultimately reduce manufacturing costs. On this basis, improving the efficiency of the battery and realizing the industrialization of low-cost and high-efficiency photovoltaic cells is our ultimate goal. ”

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