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In recent years, driven by large-scale project construction and industrial application led by the government such as Safe City, the domestic security industry has flourished. In 2013, the total output value of China's security industry reached 388.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.87%. At present, a wave of "smart cities" is building up in the central and local areas. So far, more than 400 cities have proposed and launched smart city construction. China is in the process of rapid urbanization. The development of the economy, especially the implementation of policies such as safe cities and intelligent transportation construction closely related to security development, and the enhancement of public security awareness have made China's security industry better in recent years. Growth momentum.

The earliest operators of the security industry in China started from the alarm products, and the main manufacturing sources of the domestic alarm products were Quanzhou, Fujian, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The production in these three regions has occupied the market for most of the domestic alarm products.

In recent years, the application of some emerging technologies has greatly reduced the problem of false alarms for burglar alarms. The application of dual detectors has gradually become a defect in the application of equipment. Usually, the equipment is combined with two different technical principles, only when the two sensors The user will be informed when the alarm information is detected, and the security level of the alarm will be strengthened.

New technologies have also been applied to the door and window detectors. The application of this technology can intelligently distinguish whether the doors and windows are damaged by external forces, or the application of various new technologies due to the wind blowing, which not only improves the safety index of the equipment, but also Provide users with a complete alarm device.

The professionalization of anti-theft alarm equipment has also promoted the civilian security market. The reduction of the false alarm rate and the improvement of the security level have created a safe living atmosphere for the home users, not only to prevent the occurrence of theft incident, but also to enhance the user’s The understanding of technical defense equipment can also play a very good publicity role.

Taiwan's FrontiTechnology has designed a microprocessor filter to verify sensor signals. The system does not trigger an alarm unless the filter confirms the correctness of the signal. Another Taiwanese company called TeamSharpSpaceTech will release a product that uses microwave sensors to minimize false alarms.

The products already on the market are now forwarded to the user's GSM mobile phone via the GSM network. This year, Fronti will introduce a new product that enables digital connectivity via GSM phones or wireless LANs.

There are about 25 suppliers in Taiwan. Most are small and medium-sized companies, and only a few are large companies. The suppliers in mainland China are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, usually small companies, but more and more manufacturers are involved in this medium-sized market. Although most Chinese companies have passed ISO9001, UL and FCC certification, the quality of the products is relatively low and cannot meet international standards.

The development of anti-theft alarm technology has driven the development of civil security enterprises, the reduction of false positive rate and the improvement of safety index have provided a good development environment for the vigorous development of civil security. The development of civil burglar alarms is also caused by demand, and the improvement of user demand is the strongest driving force for the development of the industry.

The burglar alarm system is an important facility to prevent accidents such as robbery and theft. In the event of an emergency, the location of the incident can be accurately displayed in the security control center through the sound and light alarm signal, so that emergency measures can be taken quickly. The anti-theft alarm system together with the entrance and exit control system, the closed-circuit television monitoring system, the visitor intercom system and the electronic patrol system constitute a security system.

The burglar alarm system usually consists of three parts: a detector (also called an alarm), a transmission channel, and an alarm controller. The alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing. The device consisting of electronic and mechanical components for detecting intruder intrusion is the key to the anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. Sensors with different principles can be used to construct alarm detection devices of different types, different purposes and different detection purposes.

Recently, an intrusion alarm technology based on bio-sensing has emerged—bio-security technology, which is a “non-contact bio-electric field sensor” based on “bio-sensing medium”. It is a non-contact detection of human bioelectric field and generates electricity. New sensing technology for signal conversion. The difference from the existing traditional intrusion alarm technology is that it can intelligently identify organisms, small animals and non-living organisms, and at the same time isolate the interference caused by natural climate, breaking through the traditional "anti-reporting and false alarms" of traditional security technology. Turn a blind eye" and the technical bottleneck that can't lock the alarm message in the first place. At present, the technology has been applied to intelligent wall-mounted isolation belts, security stickers, voice one-meter lines, voice carpets, smart window sills, smart perimeters, mobile perimeters, and monitoring and monitoring systems for biological security intelligence.

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