How to maintain and maintain smart battery chargers

How to maintain and maintain the battery charger? Here are some suggestions:

First: Inspect and eliminate battery faults promptly and regularly until the appearance is not acidic. Every month, wipe the surface thoroughly with distilled water and wipe with a dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the charger clean;

Secondly, completely remove the oxides and rust of metal parts (such as terminal blocks). Every half month should carefully check the contact condition and firmness of the battery charger connecting bar, the pole and the output connection. Replace petroleum jelly in metal parts.

Special attention: Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners to avoid damage to the cabinet;

Third: prohibit the addition of sulfuric acid! The electrolyte density was checked and adjusted in time. When the electrolyte level is low, distilled water should be added to the normal level in time;

Fourth: In order to avoid inaccurate instruments, check and verify the meter used for battery measurement. Causes the quality of the battery maintenance work to be affected;

According to the requirements of the instructions, adjust the electrolyte density according to the changes of the climate season.

Fifth: Please carefully browse the manual requirements, but also pay special attention to the battery charger attention, and give the appropriate environment such as:

A. It is necessary to prevent the charger from being exposed to strong vibrations or exposed to temperature and humidity. The charger is limited to indoor use. Beware of rain.

B. In the absence of people or long-term unused conditions, it is necessary to disconnect the AC power;

C. The charger should be rotated vertically in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture and to inflammable and explosive products.

D. Do not cover the charger during charging. Use ambient temperature no more than 40 degrees.

E. It is prohibited to charge non-rechargeable batteries;

F. The interval between two booting is not less than 10 seconds (cut off the input power);

G. Charger shall not disassemble without authorization;

H. Disconnect the charger from the battery when the battery is full.

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